Friday, September 14, 2012



My name is Jordan but I mainly go by the name Stay Frosty (Anyone remember the show Reboot?  Bob, Dot, Enzo?  Yeah, that's where I got it from).

I created this blog because Twitter only allows 140 characters and I don't want to flood timelines with my thoughts and opinions.  Also Facebook editting system in notes is awful!  And I like writing, I created this so I can have the writing itch (didn't go to college for three years to create a blog, I can tell you that).  Writing/posting one thing a day is my goal.  I'm my own motivation.

I write what I feel, whether it's about current events or just things on the old noggin.  I like TV, movies, music, sports, sports, sports, women, granola bars (Cliff Bars >>>>) and other guy stuff that attracts males 21 and up.  Born and raised in Toronto, word.

Stick around, comment on something or else I don't know if I'm just talking to myself.

Stank ya very much...

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