Saturday, April 27, 2013

Real Talk: Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is lowkey trash.

I don't think there's been somebody so great at talking, hyping up an event where it's talked about on different media outlets who don't even cover the UFC and they end up falling on their face when it's time to show up.  Remember when Nick Diaz was talking about selling wolf tickets during the lead up to his fight with GSP?  Chael is a box office winner of selling wolf tickets.  Chael isn't that good, he's a tad bit better than average.  Yeah, he dominated Anderson Silva in their first fight.  Get over it, that happened three years ago.  Who won that fight again, oh yeah Silva.  The only footage they used for the commercial leading up to this fight was from that fight.  He hyped up that rematch with Silva after stepping over the lackluster opponents in that forever weak middleweight division and after attempted a pathetic spinning back fist, Silva ate his food.

I think people get easily blinded by someone's lack of achievements if they're good at the superficial things.  Chael, Tim Tebow, Cassie.  Chael is great at talking, Tebow has passion and Cassie is attractive.  The blinding truth?  Chael can't defend when caught in a submission (8 of his 12 losses are by submission).  Tebow can't fundamentally be a starting quarterback.  Cassie can't sing.

Do people try and bring said persons unimpressive resume because someone chooses to focus on the blinding facts?  All the time.  Skip Bayless has 100 reason why Tebow should be a starting quarterback for the fact that he has a winning record, completely ignoring his actually stats for these games.  Cassie has one album and that's her debut back in 2006, she shaved half her head, which started a trend from the popular to the those craving for attention and started boning Diddy.  She's appeared on red carpets, hosted events and appeared in ads but no music.  Chael is probably the best trash talker in UFC history, he knows how to bring in the audiences for PPV buys.  But Chael's caught so many L's.  I haven't seen someone talk their way into so many main event ass whoopings.  There's someone that's gonna bring up the "he was gonna save UFC 151 until Jones backdown like a bitch."  I've already gone through this before in the past, so I don't really want to touch upon it but it was everyone's fault.

Chael has talked so much.  So so so much.  A lot of it racist.  Let's not forget his comments on Brazilians when Silva-Sonnen II happened which caused the UFC to move the location, which originally was in Brazil.  Did you miss when he was on SportsCenter this week and asked the black female interviewer if he could touch her hair?  Yeah, that's kinda racist. He didn't have much to say about his white opponents like Brian Stann or Michael Bisping but thought he knew everything about Brazil based on his facts, from the internet.  I like trash talk as much as the next guy but talking your way into two title fights back to back?  Nah, b.  Nah!

I don't understand how people love to bring up the mistakes of someone successful but cater to the frauds while ignoring their veil of lackluster achievements.  Chael's a fraud, belee dat.  There's fibs and there's frauds, a fib is a lie that makes you like the story better.  When Jon Jones says: "Witness a man’s dream of becoming a champion be demolished."  I believe him.  He's beaten four former champions in a very impressive fashion at the young age of 25 and he's the current champion.  A fraud is a story that's inauthentic based on little or nothing.  Chael's beaten no one worth mentioning, yes he sure knows how to make interviews with Dan Le Betard and Michael Landsberg fun to watch but when you fail to back up this trash talk, I feel jilted.  And when I find out you had "high levels of testosterone" after your title fight, I feel duped.  And when I found out you plead guilty to money laundering, stealing money from people, I get angry.

So not only do I not care for you as a fighter, I don't care much for you as a person.  A person who says race-baits to get people to tune into a fight, a felon and a cheat.  You expect me to draw the currents on your lack of achivements to be entertained by your vocabulary, high intensity to bring in audiences and magnifying trash talk to watch you fail?  Nah b.  Nah!

(He was a pretty good coach on TUF, I'll admit that)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Boston Bombing

First, I hope everyone pulls through and no more deaths occur during this time.  What happened on Monday was tragic and terrible and I hope they find the person or persons responsible for this.

Now, let's get to the real reason why I'm writing this: You guys have no chill.  It's been two days and already the conspiracy theorists are out and about, the terrible jokes have been chuckled at and the pictures of dismemberment has been shown about 30 times.  It's Wednesday.  And I'm not even talking about Twitter, I'm talking Facebook.  

It's hard to believe but for me to say something stupid on Facebook is pretty easy.  I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to posting anything on FB, 1) will it get my sister's attention where I'll have to hear about it at home, 2) don't say something stupid and 3) tone down on the cursing, I'll say shit but not bitch or any other curse words mainly because of rule 1.

The Boston bombing shows me people don't have any rules when it comes to posting anything FB, they just blurt out anything that will get them a reaction.  Opened ended status: "Ugh! Why does this have to happen to me?", "I'm heartbroken right now", "Oh you wanna talk shit you bitch!"  Just waiting for someone to answer: "You okay hun?  Wanna talk about it?"

Posting about a tragedy happening in another country while a tragedy is currently happening in North America is super petty.  Why SHOULD I care about the daily attacks that happen in a third world country, when something like someone planting bombs trying to blow off innocent people's kneecaps happen very rarely here?  Boston is not too far from here, it's a day trip to get there.  How long does it take to get to Islam?  I bet money this isn't the top story on Al-jazeera TV over there.  After breaking the news, this story comes on before they go to weather.  

Don't feel high and mighty when everyone else is talking about a news breaking tragedy in North America and you want to bring up what's going on in a country that you don't care about. Whether or not it's your homeland, it's pretty fuckin' petty when you do that shit.  Oh it's your birthday today?  It was my birthday, 7 months ago too, oh well *Kanye shrug*.  I think people feel some type of glory because nothing ever happens in Canada.  No attack, no type of domestic terrorism, no tragedy, nothing!  They feel like they're in an igloo.  They see what's happening from their screens and feel nothing will happen to them because they're in this igloo of Canada and no one thinks any type of threat will come to or from someone in an igloo.  Canadian STEREOTYPES!

I remember when Sandy Hook shooting happen, I was generally sad.  I hated to see harm happen to babies, that was one of the rare times I texted peopled with younger siblings or family members and told them "hug your young one a little tighter tonight iight?"  Within hours, there was skepticism on the validity of this story.  I should have known better that within hours, the conspiracy theory posts were gonna happen.  "What's that shadowy figure on the roof?"; "There's a teacher from the Sandy Hook shooting that was at the marathon!";  "Illuminati exposed!"  Really?

And hey man, take no shade from this.  I'm writing this as I was watching (really listened to) the Utah Jazz playoff dreams disappear.  But umm, yeah few points if you wanna skip all that.  

  • Think before you press Post 
  • A little warning before you post that pic of someone without their limbs
  • Don't overshadow tragedy with another tragedy and...
  • Don't say something stupid



Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sandlot Turns 20 Years Old

I don't really know when I first saw The Sandlot but I fell in love with it in my first viewing.  It's one of those movies that any time you come across it on television, you have to stop and watch it.  I should update that syndicated movies list now that I think of it.  I think the main reason why it's such a memorable movie is because it felt real.  There's a plethora of movies that came out in the 90's (my youth) but very few were set in the past (Sandlot was set in 1962).  A lot of movies that came out in the 90's I wouldn't even attempt to watch nowadays.  There was a lot of genre mixing, a lot of movies about involving kids given responsibilities at a young age (Blank Check, Little Big League), the use of animatronics and puppets that were flat out scary, kids getting lost (Babies too!), live action remakes of comic strips and cartoons, movies based on 2D video games (Mortal Kombat > everything else) and talking animals movies (if it isn't Homeward Bound, get it outta here).

Sandlot was about a bunch of kids having fun during the summer playing baseball.  It felt real, it felt like something you once experienced yourself and said, yeah me and my friends did that too.  Yeah, I tried to get the pretty girl's attention.  Yeah, we came up with creative ways to call each other names.  Yeah, we played baseball or another sport together and thought we were the pros.  That's what being 12 was about. Just a bunch of kids who were trying to enjoy their summer with their friends.  Isn't that what we all want, every summer?  It's one of the best movies to watch during any time of the year but mainly summer.  Now tell your little siblings/cousins or your own children to get off the laptop, iPad or Xbox and play outside!  Games all have autosave functions implemented so there's no worries.

Sidenote: I can really quote his movie forever and a lifetime.  Forever, for-ev-er...