Monday, January 28, 2013

Forever LOL: Bloopers

Decided to change the name from WFMML to Forever LOL, it's easier to say and less explanation for him.  But Forever LOL does sound like a forum page for disgruntled Forever 21 employees and customers, hey more hits to the blog so I can't complain.

If there's one thing that will make me laugh no matter what, it's bloopers.  No matter what it is for whether it's for TV show, movie, infomercials or the news.  If somebody is falling or messing up their lines or giving a dumb answer to a question, I will forever find enjoyment in people's failures.  Like the auditions for American Idol.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rant: Waiting on Something

Ever feel uninspired?  Like you don't want to do anything?  Not get up from the couch or your computer desk?  You plan on working out and instead you just sit and decide to pick another day and do nothing that day.  You want to do something but have no inspiration to do it?  One of the five things I hate is waiting (the other four have to do with rice cakes, Dwight Howard and wack females, they're on there twice) and right now I'm waiting on an answer from two potential internships in major I spent three years in school trying o get into.  Internships cause nobody just hires you.  Haven't heard anything in the last three days and aside from watching movies (Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt is pretty good btw) I've done nothing.  I should be writing to keep in the zone and keep the creative juices flowing but this is the first thing I've written in three days.  But it really feels like I haven't written in a month maybe longer.  That ever happen to you?  You do something one day and the following days are nothing but mediocrity and you feel like it's been a life time since that last significant thing you did.  I've literally done nothing but looking at my Blackberry waiting for that red flash, indicating an email has been sent, hoping and wishing on a reply back from the many many emails I've sent out.  Most days it's automatic replies telling me they received it and it's on file and not in a virtual pile.  They say it isn't but I know it really is.

No motivation, just have to pick myself up from my proverbial slumber I'm in.  Not even shedding a tear.  Learned a while ago to turn that vulnerable state into anger and rage then closing it in, hiding it.  Like hands covering the light from a turned on flashlight, consealing all the light until it's dark.  Consider this writing here the light peaking through.  At times I feel like Howard Hughes, watching the world go by, doing nothing about it.  Physically fine, just watching others live through Twitter, Facebook, TV etc.  Don't even share what I find interesting, no news articles, no funny retweets, just off the grid while constantly keeping an eye on it.  Ain't got no job, ain't got no bitch, ain't go no motivation to inspire myself, just waiting on the next thing, minute by minute, hour by hour.  Waiting, just waiting on something.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gracie Breakdown: UFC on FX 7, Guillotine Counters

Because FX Canada likes to air The Ultimate Fighter -- that nobody watched, last one had the lowest ratings -- and not the live event UFC on FX 7, I missed the seeing Michael Bisping being knocked back down to reality that he's not that good.  Plus I'm not going to stream something that I can watch for free (bandwidth ain't cheap!), I'd rather wait for whatever laws or contracts FX Canada has to sign to air something advertised on the FX nework.  Canada can be dumb when it comes to airing content sometimes, like when a movie is advertised on a US network and on the scheduled time, there's a Canadian blackout and something else is aired.  Yeah stupid.

In this Gracie Breakdown, they got a new intro and some editting tricks.  Rener and his guest (and fiance) Eve Torres former WWE diva breakdown counters to the guillotine choke showcased in the Gonzaga and Rothwell fight.  He didn't mention it but I want that Gracie shirt.  Rener hook ya boy up with some gear.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Gracies, One Bundy and A Punk

Sounds like 90's sitcom on ABC that airs on Thursdays at 9:30 about a father and son who practise jiu jitsu and run a gym, dealing with the day to day tasks of owning a gym.  The younger Gracie, Rener is trying to find love in San Diego and his best friends are a former shoe salesman and the other is a straight edge wannabe wrestler.  And it'd be based on a true story because every is true.  Except Ed O'Neil being a shoe salesman, he's retired and married to a semi-crazy sexy Columbian woman whose half his age and has a son who may or may not be gay but definitely thinks he's older then he really is.  And is the worst.

Yeah I'm just filling up space.  The picture is awesome enough.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Something Inspirational: Honesty Among Friends

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”  - Gandhi

I would much prefer friends to be honest with me.  Don't make me believe in a lie and let me believe that lie is a fact.  Because the last thing you want to do is cook with the acknowledgement that you're good and you end up getting burned.  Don't tell me I'm a great cook and I make something and you're on the toilet for the next half an hour.  Don't tell me I can draw and you got me standing in art galleries beside my amateur art like Pam in The Office.  Don't tell me I can sing and have my ass waiting in line when American Idol rolls into town for x amount of hours just so I can see Randy and Mariah hide their laughter as I'm singing "Over The Rainbow".

American Idol hasn't been relevant in years, I can't name the last winner or even a song from anyone not named Carrie Underwood, the bread winner in her marriage or Kelly Clarkson, whose making anthems for yoga moms.  The only reason for anyone to check out Idol is to see the people whose friends lied to them and said they can sing.  Cheering for them to go be on Idol cause they think they're Whitney during drunk karoake nights.  Tell 'em they can't sing.  If you don't want to sound rude, tell them they are not very good.  If they ask for you're honest opinion, tell 'em your opinion is that they can't sing and it isn't a good idea for them to be on TV looking like a fool.

I heard about this guy from my old high school who posted a video of him singing "Find Your Love" by Drake and throughout the comments his friends are lying to him and making him believe that he can sing.  Nope.  Son can't sing.  The vocals were basura and this little nigglet had the audacity to use a photo of himself with no shirt, no abs and no dignity.  Oh I won't further the embarassment by telling his name but you probably know him.  Stop the madness and tell him the truth.  Sometimes the lie is easier to understand than the truth.  Well it's pretty easy for me to say, put on a shirt and never sing again unless you can actually sing.

But I would like to thank those people who lied to those contestants who auditioned on American Idol, and FAILED because you made me laugh. The two things that will make anyone laugh is people falling and terrible singing.  Friends should be honest with each other, it creates a stronger friendship and a better understanding of each other.  Telling the truth is one of the first things that determine if someone is a friend or not.  But you can lie to them once in a while but don't let that lie being something that will get them on TV and become a joke to the world wide web.  Like these fools, here's a compliation of some failures from Idol.  Oh and I can watch these for hours.  Idol, The X Factor and Britian's Got Talent.  Terrible singing + accents?  That's some front row seat action.  Belee dat!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Epitome of Female Funny

Tina, smart funny.  Amy, silly funny.

And still sexy.

Pick a side ladies because you can't be both.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Because It's Been Stuck In My Head...

I'm going to post "Icon" by dubstep producer Benga and songstress Bebe Black. 

Discovered this will I was on my forever long trek for new music.  Found a list of female British singers I should know about and since I never heard of any of them, I thought I should know about it.  Found the list in December, perfect time for new music especially with the barrage of year end lists that were being formulated.  This song was the first to really grab me and I'm not really big on dubstep, there's just something about Bebe's voice.   I've played this four times just writing this.

Yeah I just don't get dubstep, the drops all that shit I don't get.  If I can bop my head to it and has a catchy hook, I'll rock with it.  Don't get snobbish with me, dubstep purists.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Real Talk: Goku

For those who don't understand all of my vernacular used in this document, I will provide a definition for a particular word that many may not be familiar with.

Fade [fād]
  1. To beat up, or fight, a promise to put your hands on somebody.
  2. The act of wanting to fight.

Goku had two motifs in life: To fight and to eat. 

That's it.  Besides that he literally did nothing else.  He barely was there in his son's lives, he was either out collecting dragonballs, training just because or going to Namek, for a few years.

"Hey ma, watch Gohan.  Me and my lil bald nigga are gonna go out searchin' for some dragonballs.  Make sure there's food on the table when I get back.  Iight?  Peace."

Seriously what the fuck did Goku do?  I remember an episode (filler episode) where him and Piccolo go and get their driver's license.  Goku didn't want no job!  He just wanted to hang with his friends, surf on his cloud and eat gigantic bowls of rice.  And have sex.  Chi-Chi did nothing but yell at her sons and birth them kids.  She kept them kids focused on school and Goku was focused on whatever evil force lurking to take over Earth.  Which was gonna end up getting destroyed anyways because that's what aliens that wanted to take over planets did. 

And he was the best in the world, so you couldn't say an ill word about him.  He was MJ, he was Gretkzy, he was Bo Jackson.  Goku knows it and you knew it, he was the best ever.  Sure he'd be down and out, AFTER giving his opponents the fade, but they just threw him into the Medical Machine or made him pop a senzu bean (WOO!) and he was back like he never left.  He was Adrian Peterson returning from knee surgery, Lemieux coming back from cancer, Tyson after his jail sentence.  He was the best to do it.  Not only was he the best but he was the first to exceed that next level.  Aside from Super Saiyan 2 which Gohan achieved, he was the first for ever other SSJ form and we all know the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta, was jelly because of this.  Vegeta was Karl Malone in '97 and '98, forever catching the fade never getting one against the greatest of all time.  NO ONE got the short end of the stick more than Vegeta, maybe Yamcha and Tien but c'mon, how far would have Yamcha and Tien gone?  They were human, 'Geta and Goku were Saiyans, just sayin. 

Goku was in chill mode when he wasn't saving the Earth.  Forever in off-season, never knowing when the season would start again.  Eating plates and scrappin' aliens, he should have that tattooed on his lower back somewhere.

And he's the greatest anime character of all time.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Hate Me Some World Juniors

1.  Happy New Year.
2.  I may not watch it religiously but I do know the game of hockey.

But why I don't watch the World Junior Hockey Championships it's because there's nothing worse than millions people tuning in for the first time to see junior hockey players and pointing their fingers down at 16-20 year olds trying to get jobs.  That's basically what the World Juniors are.  Tryouts for pro hockey teams.  They're interns.  Some may have already been selected predetermined by hockey clubs but some haven't.  These kids, because that's what they are, are getting a few hundred bucks every week for food, gas money etc., living in the homes of people that have taken them in.  But like people love to say, you have to grow up sometime and what better way then waking up turning to TSN and Bob McKenzie and the analysts criticizing you because you lost, again.  Bad enough you already heard it from the grown men yelling and screaming out you from the stands.

Now being from Canada and the national sport being hockey, they -- Canadian media -- really think they're going to win every single f*cking year and the only teams they really want is the US.  Totally neglecting the other countries.  You can't have that mentality.  Just because this sport is part of your heritage doesn't equal championships in said sport.  Maybe, the other teams from the other countries are better than yours, maybe they showed more heart and out-hustled the kids in the red and white.  Ever have that thought?  Maybe because the other big sports media down south has this on the back pages of the newspaper and a little blurb on SportsCentre's ticker.  

But how about the potential jobs of these kids.  Hey if they win, the praise, accolades, money and 'ships are in their future, more teams take a closer look at those players that were atop the score sheets.  But if they lose?  It's back to juniors for them with that bad game circled, their stock goes down rapidly and lose a chance at a job they've been trying to get for years. Some may stay in the juniors and try again the following year but sometimes you have to find something else outside of their field just to make a living.  Just like actual people in life without pads.

If you love the game of hockey and are missing your NHL because the season has been in a lockout now for 111 days then enjoy the World Juniors.  Watch the game, no matter what time it may come on* and enjoy it.  Whether it's win, lose or draw, just remember no one can predict what happens to these juniors when the spotlight on them is dim, there's no need to point fingers and talk down to them.  They're not dogs, they're kids who trying to get jobs.

*Sorry not a soccer fan, I like my sports at 1 pm when I'm wide awake and with a filled stomach.