Friday, January 18, 2013

Something Inspirational: Honesty Among Friends

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”  - Gandhi

I would much prefer friends to be honest with me.  Don't make me believe in a lie and let me believe that lie is a fact.  Because the last thing you want to do is cook with the acknowledgement that you're good and you end up getting burned.  Don't tell me I'm a great cook and I make something and you're on the toilet for the next half an hour.  Don't tell me I can draw and you got me standing in art galleries beside my amateur art like Pam in The Office.  Don't tell me I can sing and have my ass waiting in line when American Idol rolls into town for x amount of hours just so I can see Randy and Mariah hide their laughter as I'm singing "Over The Rainbow".

American Idol hasn't been relevant in years, I can't name the last winner or even a song from anyone not named Carrie Underwood, the bread winner in her marriage or Kelly Clarkson, whose making anthems for yoga moms.  The only reason for anyone to check out Idol is to see the people whose friends lied to them and said they can sing.  Cheering for them to go be on Idol cause they think they're Whitney during drunk karoake nights.  Tell 'em they can't sing.  If you don't want to sound rude, tell them they are not very good.  If they ask for you're honest opinion, tell 'em your opinion is that they can't sing and it isn't a good idea for them to be on TV looking like a fool.

I heard about this guy from my old high school who posted a video of him singing "Find Your Love" by Drake and throughout the comments his friends are lying to him and making him believe that he can sing.  Nope.  Son can't sing.  The vocals were basura and this little nigglet had the audacity to use a photo of himself with no shirt, no abs and no dignity.  Oh I won't further the embarassment by telling his name but you probably know him.  Stop the madness and tell him the truth.  Sometimes the lie is easier to understand than the truth.  Well it's pretty easy for me to say, put on a shirt and never sing again unless you can actually sing.

But I would like to thank those people who lied to those contestants who auditioned on American Idol, and FAILED because you made me laugh. The two things that will make anyone laugh is people falling and terrible singing.  Friends should be honest with each other, it creates a stronger friendship and a better understanding of each other.  Telling the truth is one of the first things that determine if someone is a friend or not.  But you can lie to them once in a while but don't let that lie being something that will get them on TV and become a joke to the world wide web.  Like these fools, here's a compliation of some failures from Idol.  Oh and I can watch these for hours.  Idol, The X Factor and Britian's Got Talent.  Terrible singing + accents?  That's some front row seat action.  Belee dat!

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