Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweater Lady and The Vacuum Cleaner Man

I don't really know what is going on in this clip.  It doesn't seem like it was going to make the nightly news, looks more like it was on the cutting room floor and some how ended up online.  I don't want to spoil the kicker of this video but it does involve a vacuum cleaner man and bare breasts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Burton Cummings Messes Up O'Canada

Now I don't want to take away from the Argonauts winning the 100th Grey Cup last night because that it is a great achievement for my city to finally win a championship that isn't lacrosse because lacrosse isn't important to anyone whose closet isn't filled with polos.  But Burton Cummings did a pretty bad job on O'Canada.  Besides the drumbeat that sounded like it came from a Casio keyboard, he messed up the words.  How you can mess up an anthem I'll never understand.  You sang it or heard for most of your early life so that song should be stuck in your head.  You may know French Montana's Pop That from start to finish but how do you not know about the national anthem?

For national anthems you either do really good or do it really bad.  There's a lot of great ones that have become a standouts over the years like Whitney and Marvin and then there's the bad ones which will make a future WFMML post.  I still giggle whenever someone mentions Carl Lewis' rendition of the national anthem.  But this isn't a track star whose singing the anthem this is Burton Cummings.  If you've seen Superbad, you know the song These Eyes.  If you're a Maestro Fresh Wes fan, you know These Eyes.  This Burton Cummings, who is still rocking a Movember mustache from the 90's, decides to remix the anthem and tried to make it groovy.  No Cummings, sing it like you would if you're late for class and the hall monitors force you to stay still and let the anthem play.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

List: Top 5 Favourite Band Moments on TV Shows

I'm not sure what it is but whenever a popular band is featured in a television series it ends up being a memorable episode.  Almost every episode has a central theme, one of the members is lost or an item of theirs goes missing, the band turn out to be slobs or divas or it's a dream sequence but they all end up performing at sometime during the episode.  Here are my top five favourite band moments in a TV series.

5.  Boyz N Motion, That's So Raven

The fictional band that Raven and Raven's mom desire are coming to town and are performing at the restaurant. Girls being the groupies they are, run the boys out of the restaurant and end up at Raven's house.  Of course!  The Boyz refuge there for no real clear reason.  Raven gloats at school that she can get the Boyz to perform at some dance and Bianca, the new leader of the bitch clique (who knows why Adrianne Bailon couldn't make it, not like she still has a singing career or anything) thinks she's bullshitting. 

At the house the Boyz like the untimely dicks they are decide to quit showbiz, so Raven and crew are forced to pose as the Boyz and the girls at school fall for it and go apeshit for them until Bianca the bitch that she is blows their cover.  The Boyz finally show up after the mom tells them to pick up their sack and perform because that's what you do!  Not only is the song pretty damn catchy but Raven, the greatest child actor of all time, is a riot and probably had the best Disney show not named Even Stevens.  Not Lizzie McGuire though, that last season was weird, same for Even Stevens' last season.  In fact all three had weird last seasons, Raven's mom was away or whatever.

4.  Destiny's Child, Smart Guy

Yvette tries out to be a background dancer for a Destiny Child's video.  TJ, being the little prick brother that he is, upstages Yvette with his Gregory Hines tap dancing and cute 13 year old pre-acne looks got the girls attention and became the center piece in the video.  Now this is Destiny's Child before Beyonce was Beyonce, Kelly was doing europop with Owen Wilson, before Latoya hooked up with Slim Thug and had one notable album and the darky that got forgotten, LaTavia. 

You can watch this now and watch her in Obsessed and it's the same terrible acting by Beyonce.  It's like she read the script and decide to act like she just read the script.  Surprisingly enough, LaTavia had the most lines out of the quartet but Beyonce was tagged with Marcus (Jason Weaver) through most of the episode so the focus was on her.  Marcus, Moe and TJ invite the girls to their school dance because coincedently a dance happens when there is auditions for a videoshoot.  Marcus takes B, Moe takes Latoya and TJ takes the darkies. 

The girls perform two songs, "No, No, No" for the video and the acapella version of Amazing Grace off of their album Writings Off The Wall during the dance.  This is an awesome version of Amazing Grace because they did it the blackiest way possible with so much sass you can hear the necks snapping back and forth as they sing.  Surprised the crowd did chat back like at a Sunday service in Houston with a bunch of "Mmmhmm", "Sing it girl!" etc.

3.  The Beets, Doug

Think I've spoken enough on how great The Beets are.

2.  N*Sync, The Simpsons

Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph become a boy band from a shady guy in a corvette and a high and tight haircut named L.T. Smash.  The boys, The Party Posse, become an overnight sensation and after their first show meet N*Sync.  The group appears with a fruit basket and a taser but leave soon after when their clothes get out of date.  They return later in a speedboat when L.T. Smash, actually name LT. Smash goes crazy and decides to blow up the office of Mad Magazine.  They come up with the ultimate chillout song and perform the steps to defuse the situation where they close with the Matrix as Chris Kirkpatrick of Fairly Odd Parents fame falls.  It's quite a memorable appearance, they get a good amount of dialogue and were cool enough to poke fun at themselves.  Word - Justin Timberlake.

1.  Zack Attack, Saved By The Bell

This memorable band of the 90's had the perfect amount of cheese but of course it was just a dream.  There's nothing more hilarious then seeing the group perform and hearing the the voices used for this band, they don't even try to match the voices with the actors.  Funny enough this is the only time this imaginary band was ever mentioned, they just went back to dicking around school pissing off Mr. Belding and the rest of the teaching staff. 

After a montage, the PR girl quickly turnt girfriend of Zack's celebrity life decides to chime in on every little thing the group does (because that's what fluzy girlfriends of the lead do) and soon the group begins to fight and break up.  Slater becomes a race car driver, Lisa an American Gladiator, Kelly a nun (it's funny cause she busted it wide open to most of the school) and Screech searchs to become the high geek. 

Jessie (also known as Nomi to some) hurt her back so she couldn't appear in this ultimate cheese fest.  The creme de la creme of this episode is whenever the band performs especially Friends Forever.  They don't sound like they're singing, they don't even have the right chords, the drums make a sound before anything is even hit (even though Mario Lopez is a skilled drummer).  But the song is kinda catchy and it's Saved By The Bell, so it gets a pass.

Honorable Mention: Bel Biv Devoe, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Honorable mention goes to Bel Biv Devoe for their appearance on The Fresh Prince.  Carlton rents out the Banks living room for a video shoot and Will is totally obilged to this idea until BBD shows up.  Will and his friend Ty dap it up while they perform, the group gets interrupted again when Ashley's girl scout troop get in groupie gaga mode but the best is Ty and Will begin dancing as they perform.  It's Fresh Prince, find me someone who doesn't like FP and slap 'em across the head.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Video: Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones Perform Holiday Medley

My future mistress turned wife, Rashida Jones appeared on Jimmy Fallon to promote Parks & Recreation,  Tried to stay up to see her but Leno ran late because that awful New England Patriots/New York Jets game kept going after the Jets crashed before they even left the terminal.  Rashida and Jimmy do a medley of today's most popular songs with a holiday twist.  Songs included are Carly Rae Jaspen's Call Me Maybe, Psy's Gangnam Style and One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful.  Had to Google that last one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something Cute From Japan

I'm really surprised red pandas haven't become a thing yet.  I have seen one in a Telus commercial but it hasn't really boomed yet, maybe this is the start.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Video: MC Hammer & PSY Close Out the AMA's

Aside from seeing Bieber Da Gawd accepting an award (also looks like he stole some of Big Sean's wardrobe), I didn't see much of the American Music Awards until I saw recaps this morning.  In a surprise twist, viral k-pop star Psy closed last night's AMA's with special guest MC Hammer.  Say what you will about the "Can't Touch This" rapper, the old man can still move.  Dancing to a remix of "Too Legit 2 Quit", the two showed off their moves and the crowd loved it as much as I did, only real complaint from me was too many shots of the crowd.  I wanted to see Hammer go HAM!  I'mma just pretend that Jay-Z thing never happened.

Gracie Breakdown: St. Pierre/Condit

This past weekend, Geores St. Pierre returned at UFC 154 in his hometown of Montreal to face the interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit.  GSP, who suffered an ACL injury back in December and who hasn't fought in close to a year, won like many predicted but Condit did almost have him in the third with a high kick to GSP's noggin.  The Gracie brothers (Rener and Ralek, Ryron was away) are back again to breakdown how the Montreal native was able to handle Condit in their fight Saturday night.  It's 35 minutes but the brothers do analyse the fight right after Rogan and Goldberg sign off and they share some secrets, so check it out.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoughts on a Boy Meets World Sequel

Like many people in their 20's today, they grew up on ABC's TGIF lineup.  All the shows went under the same formula which has stuck with ABC to this day, family.  Every show took a look at a family and their day to day lives and taught us a lesson at the end of each episode mixed in with a little hijinx.  In the 90's, ABC soon added shows with supernatural based sitcoms like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Teen Angel and You Wish but all still keeping the same formula.  Shows switched networks or got cancelled but the staple of the TGIF lineup was Boy Meets World.

This wasn't like Step By Step or Family Matters or even Full House, this show had heart and was actually funny.  The show followed young Cory Matthews as he grows up in suburbia in Philadelphia.  With great acting from the cast of young actors including the younger brother of Fred Savage, who starred in his own show of coming of age, The Wonder Years.  Cory received great advice from his mentor and teacher Mr. Feeny, antics with his best friend Shawn and the ups and downs with the love of his life Topanga.  You could watch the show today and still use lessons learned there to get by today, I know I have.  It's one of the rare shows that was the perfect balance of comedy and drama, you don't get shows like that anymore.  The show taught people you can always trust your friends and family during the toughest times.

There's reports of a follow up to Boy Meets World with the kid of Cory and Topanga.  In the episode "Seven the Hard Way", they flash forward to the future after the events of a prank war go aware and how everyone's relationship ended up.  In said future, Cory and Topanga have a loveless marriage and mention having a daughter Beverly Glen at Mr. Feeny's retirement party.  Now I'm a big, a very big fan of the series, I'm kinda iffy on this sequel, most likely to be named Girl Meets World.

Is there a need for another show about a girl growing up today?  For a reminder today's girls are already involved with Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other fandom girls are currently foaming over.  There's already been various shows that have focused around girls in the past few years, iCarly, Victorious, Hannah Montana, Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of The American Teenager.  Then there's the pop singers, Cody Simpson, Bieber the gawd, One Direction and other random teenagers who will trend on twitter who sing.  But what about the boys? 

What was the last show that taught a boy lessons on growing up and how to be a man in recent years?  Because I'll be blatantly honest, kids today really need a good smack.  From what they're wearing to advice about the opposite sex to just learning what's right and what's wrong, males need a talking to.  They need to learn from mistakes made by them and their best friend, learn how to deal with a goofy, sometimes responsible, older brother and when all else fails get a speech told to them by their hardworking father or the grey haired school teacher next door.  There's already a lack of father figures for boys to look up to today who don't smoke, drink, curse or rap.  Boys need to learn from someone that's not behind a twitter account.  Boys don't know what's right from wrong, that's what Boy Meets World taught millions of young teens.

Now with this potential Boy Meets World sequel/spin-off it sounds like a terrible/great idea.  TV plotlines for shows focused on girls all seem to revolve about one thing: Sex.  Sex is bad, do it and you'll get pregnant and go through it still looking pretty.  That's the plot from Secret Life, seriously, every season someone gets pregnant on that show.  What TV today has, isn't what I'd want to learn and know about when I was young.  Last thing I want to think about before entering high school was: "Oh man, so many girls.  Sure don't want to get any of these girls pregnant or else I'll end up like the teens on Secret Life."  In short, I'm still up in the air on this sequel and I'd much prefer a show about a boy growing up today because girls get all the terrible family oriented shows.

WFMML: Affion Crockett's Making The Band

Back when P Diddy was still attempting to make a band out of young and hopeful singers, the Chappelle sketch made it a bigger joke then it already was.  One that went under the radar may have been comedian Affion Crockett's Making The Band 4 Spoofs.  Affion and partner John O. Nelson made the spoofs almost six years ago when the real Making Da Band was still going on.  What the comedians came up with was one of the best spoofs you'll see on the net.  What made these spoofs so great was, it always felt fresh and didn't getting tired.  He was the only one doing these spoofs.  It didn't have various people making spoof videos like the Shit Girls Say parodies which jump the shark after it changed from the sex of person to location and city.  The series starred Affion as the rebel group member Big Tyme, John as Michael Bivins, various comedians from then popular improv show Wildin' Out, Drew Sidora, Jackie Long and others.

The spoof series spawned four videos over four months and when Diddy decided to make another Making The Band following the groups from the previous season, Day 26 and Danity Kane, Affion created another set of spoofs focusing on the groups as they dealt with choreographers and politicking with the other band members and Big Tyme.  My all time favourite of these spoof videos that will forever make me laugh (that's what WFMML means) is Part 5 of the Day 26/ Danity Kane Spoofs when the group is in the studio with Kwame played by Kel Mitchell. 

The members struggle with Kwame's musical demands and advises on hitting the right notes.  When one of the group members (Al B Sure's son, Albert Brown Jr) is unable finish the words to the song, Kwame has had enough and goes off and hilarity soon follows.  "Check your shoes, check your damn shoes!  I wanna see if you stepped in that bullshit you put in this booth!"  As usual with the series, it's Big Tyme to the rescue with wise words and a knockout punch.  Looks like Kwame still hasn't gotten over that Biggie line.

If you have an afternoon to yourself, I highly recommend the series.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rihanna: Hate Her Music, Love Looking At Her Pics

I honestly hate her music.  It's music I just don't like, pop music post 2010.  I like pop music but not her music.  There's a few pop songs out today that I can enjoy.  Carly Rae Jaspen's "Call Me Maybe", yes.  fun's "We Are Young"?, dumb lyrics but their album was fire.  Anything by Justin Bieber?  He's a gawd, best male pop artist out there now, that's not Korean.  But there's maybe a handful of RiRi songs I actually like of hers, literally like five songs I'll go back to and enjoy.

Her music has gone the European route, sounding more techno/electro with each single.  I get it, she's a star and you're trying to get that international money but every pop single, like everything else on the radio (like music enthusiasts who don't drive like to say), sounds the same.  If you were to take out the lyrics of every pop song and asked me to name them, I'd have a better chance at beating one of the moms in Supermarket Sweep.  I'd have no chance. 

Plus she's part of the pop machine, all the songs, production are already set and ready for her when she's ready.  Soon as the album gets a name, she lays vocals down and boom, new Rihanna album out within two months.  Yes, when you're a pop singer, it's that easy.  She's dropped an album every year since 2009 in November.  She doesn't seem like she's going to take a break anytime soon.  Didn't take a break when that thing happened with that blond haired gentleman who you all know.  No I'm not going to say his name, I know how SEO works and I don't want his "Team" commenting on anything of mine.  If they wanna get beat by him, go ahead.  Oh, I was a never a fan of his music either.

I'll give her respect, especially her team, for her rise in the past few years.  No one wants Pon De Reply Rihanna back, that was terrible.  Remember the reggae boom of 2005?  Boy that came and went, white people got introduce to Sean Paul and Elephant Man for the first time.  Wearing Jamaican flag colours, starting learning all the dances and began dutty wining at parties, I kinda prefer the rise of twerking today to be honest.  Pon De Reply Rihanna wouldn't last, even slow ballad Rihanna on her follow up album, A Girl Like Me, hasn't been seen in quite a while but we all know badgalriri today. 

I'm aware of "Diamonds", it's alright but I probably (most likely, most definately) won't be revisiting it anytime soon on purpose.  I can't even name the any other single from her last album, I only know of "We Found Love" mainly because Cam'ron did a remix to it and was a big fan of it himself.  Wait, I know "Cake" because I finished the rest of my birthday cake last night.

But her music aside, I love looking at her.  She has what the kids call swag.  Whether it's a trip to the strip club or just chilling in her underwear, I can't help but right click, save as and add to my secret folders on my computer.  I know you have it them too and you probably added a few here in this post.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Got Robbed

I've been abscent of late because I worked promotion at the Royal Winter Fair.  There was two booths, one that was right beside a stage where performers would perform and was infront of this big curtain.  The booth I was at was near the food court but not too far from the stage and the other booth.  We kept our stuff behind the curtain, directly behind the other booth.  Some kept it under the table at the booth but it was crowded under the table some days.  For the seven days I worked everything went fine, some boxes were moved behind the curtain, some chairs were added, nothing else really happened, until Sunday.  When my first break was over, I wrap up my iPod and put it into my jacket pocket.  On my next break, I put on my jacket and decided to call home, see if the fam wants anything on my last day at the Fair.  I'm just about to get off the phone and listen to the rest of my podcast, no iPod.  I'm searching everywhere, every pocket and everywhere in the area.  My shit got took. 

Downright despicable.  For someone to go into someone else's personal things and take from them is just vile.  It's not even like the item of desire is out in the open like a quarter on the pavement, it's up for grabs.  No, this was in my jacket, INSIDE the breast pocket.  Son, padded down my jacket to find that iPod.  Now this person is bumpin' Adele and ScHoolboy Q on their way home!

This is my first time getting robbed of something significant.  I've lost a couple of things (a lot of things actually), and have gotten in trouble for it because I didn't take the proper precaution and placed something of mine in a location where I know where it is.  But never has someone fully taken something from me.  I feel dirty, I feel like a part of me is lost.  I'm mad because there isn't much of anything I can do.  The area is open to people, there was a three hour open window when I wasn't around and there's people that were going in and out of the area.  But still, MY SHIT WAS IN MY BREAST POCKET!

I've never taken anything that wasn't personally mine.  Not even a piece of candy, or a piece of fruit.  I'm not Aladdin.  I was never one to be really influenced by peer pressure or my peers, when I was younger my friends and the kids around me were some street rats but if I wasn't okay with something, I would never go through with it.  I remember one incident where we making these paper mache versions of Bonhomme to celebrate Quebec Winter Carnival.  My memory is kinda hazing but our school never went to Kerney, the town where the carnival was held in, because of a janitor strike.  I'm not sure if that was the circumstance for us not going but nobody was happy, so everybody destroyed their Bonhomme. 

I remember it, guys ripping the arms apart, smashing it against the trees, stepping on it's head.  I watched all of this, as I held my Bonhomme under my arm, I made this thing and I was gonna show my momma.  I took it home, she loved it, it stuck around for a while before we got rid of it.  The teachers heard about the destruction and cats were getting detention left and right.  Even at a young age I knew one thing when watching them: y'all were doing some dumb shit.

It took us about two weeks to make this thing and I wasn't gonna throw it away because we couldn't go somewhere.  Bump that noise!  So I kept mine unscathed, no one told me to join in, no one told me to help, I chilled and watched the destruction.  Like people filming during riots.

But back to my stolen iPod, who still steals?  Everyone has an iPod, iTouch or some other Apple product that you see so often it's almost rare not to see someone with one.  There's nothing really I can do at this point but hold my items even closer to me.  I learned a lesson yesterday and will carry that onward and upward and fuck that asshole who stole my shit. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yoshihiko, The Blow Up Doll Wrestler

Yoshihiko is a blow up doll.  Technically a sex doll.  He was purchased by Danshoku Dino, began accompanying Dino to the ring and soon enough Yoshihiko became a prime time player in professional wrestling and earned several reigns in Japan's Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) promotion.  Yes, a blow up doll became a wrestler, won championships and did this to one of the top names in Japan's wrestling scene Kota Ibushi.  Yes, Japan is weird.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video: Honest Trailers - The Amazing Spider-Man

The crew behind Honest Trailers are back, this time they're honestly speaking on The Amazing Spider-Man that came out this past summer.  I saw Spider-Man this summer and enjoyed it, made me completely forget about the turd of a third movie.  One point made was how much of a jerk he was in this rendition, sorry to break it to you but Spider-Man was always a dick.  Talking shit to villians while fighting them was his thing like Roy Jones dancing while embarassing opponents in the ring.  Spiderman 2 is one of the best superhero movies of all time, IMO but it should be your opinion also.  If we agree on everything that I'm right about, life would be much easier.  TASM did have its flaws, mainly Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben.  Just bad casting there.  Hit the video under the jump.

On Cam'ron, No Homo

If there's three facts you need to know about me, it's this:

  1. Blueberry is the greatest flavour of yogurt on earth
  2. I get my best sleep on the right side of the bed
  3. I'll always vouch for Cam'ron
No matter what, I will always vouch for Cameron Giles.  Flea from Killa Season.  Rico from Paid In Full.  Cam'ron is that movie that doesn't make much sense but is hella fun to watch, there's action, comedy, drama and suspense.  There's moments in the movie, you have to rewind to make sure you didn't miss anything, you laugh and have to pause to catch yourself, bad ass moments that makes you feel like you're the man of the hour, references left and right that you have to remind yourself of before continuing on and it all ends in a blaze of glory.  That's a Cam'ron verse for you.

Been in the rap game for over 15 years, Cam first came out with his debut album Confessions of Fire in 1998, his worse album IMO, aside from the singles "Horse and Carriage" and "3-5-7", there wasn't much else to look back on this album except maybe hearing Cam'ron go back and forth with his mom on "Me, My Mom and Jimmy", funny enough it was Jim Jones (known as Jimmy Jones back then) first rap.  Two years later he drops S.D.E. and it's not really a sophomore slump if your first was bad.  It's more of going from an average of a D to a C+, it's an improvement but it's not really much of a change.  It wasn't until he joined Dame Dash and the rising Roc-A-Fella when Cam finally found his footing with Come Home With Me.  His best album.  A lot of people will try and tell you it's Purple Haze but it's CHWM, trust me.

With features from Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z and production from The Heatmakerz, Just Blaze and Kanye West, CHWM became Cam's most successful album and got himself a platinum plaque.  With the backing of Roc-A-Fella, Cam'ron brought his group The Diplomats to the front and a movement began.  With Jim Jones, childhood friend Freaky Zeekey and young protege Juelz Santana and the underground releases of various Diplomat mixtapes, the album Diplomat Immunity was released with the lead single "Dipset Anthem" and it was official, the Diplomat were here and Dipset became a fixture in every high schoolers vocabulary.  Young protege Juelz was featured on the singles "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma" and he quickly became the point guard of the Dipset team with Cam being coach.  First drew up the plan to have him on both singles, getting folks familiar and in 2003 his debut From Me To U with the lead single Santana's Town with the memorable chant, dipset, dipset, dipset, dipset.  Further making Dipset one to remember for the future and beyond. 

"Two more for Cam for taking over the Roc" and he did.

The Dipset movement was really something you wanted to be a part of.  Back in those days, it was cool to wear shirts and jackets that were two sizes to big for you, white Air Force Ones, throwback jerseys and the baggest jeans around.  Diplomats held their flag up high, they gave fans three albums to keep their CD players and iPods occupied.  The Dips had a good run, they were the who the kids looked up to at the time.  Talking about it today is like it's folklore, find someone whose a big Dipset fan and you'll have an enjoyable and lengthy conversation.  Cam was funny, ignorant, controversial and witty, plus he made some great music.  I know today's election day for the States and some folks are in line waiting to vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  I'm not big on politics (that's just a fight I want no part of) but I'd vote for Cam, of the Diplomat party.

I'll also vote that Cam'ron has the best viral videos for a rapper, ever.  Truly hilarious clips of the life of Cameron Giles.  Misadventures of Cameron Giles, isn't a potential title for a movie it's the way Cam lives.  The worst part is, the internet today missed out on the peak of Cam and the Diplomats.  The trending topics that would be created would have you on Twitter for hours.  Whether or not it's 140 characters, it wouldn't matter.  The same way social media loves quote lyrics from everybody from Drake to One Direction to 2 Chainz, I can only imagine what it would be like for Cam.  Cam was cocky and confident and every time he stepped in the booth he'd exemplify it:
"Hey yo lock my garage, rock my massage
Fuck it, bucket by Osh Kosh B'gosh
Golly I'm gully, look at his galoshes
Gucci, gold, platinum plaque collages
From collabos, ghost writin' for assholes

Wanna use my brain, then give Killa mad dough"
Twitter and Facebook would go crazy if the Dipset trip to London came out today.  If you haven't seen the clip, the treacherous trio and Cam's girl ride around with Tim Westwood to a London strip club where they see awful looking strippers and a drunk Jim Jones talks (yells actually) to his chick at home and Cam lays some game about "a plan" to his fellow Diplomat.  Cam'ron on The O'Reilly Factor has already spawned a meme and I'm sure Jon Daily would be saying You Mad for a good week.  The Dipset "On My Block" freestyle on Rap City is a gem that blog sites would get giddy for with the amount of quotables on it, I'm sure it would break records on YouTube aswell.  And as usual Cam just counts money as he spits effortlessly:

"I'm Anfernee I do things the Hardaway
Pardon me, escalade, marmalade, mama stay
And I send 'em where stars'll play
And the dude cop a car today color: pink chardonnay
And I'll clap at ya man, clap the clappers
Clap on clap off, clap at his hands"

Some never hopped on the movement when it was hot and probably won't now, that's fine.  As a supporter of Cam, I'll admit he's been trying relive the magic he once had at the height of his fame and the tricks haven't expanded his audience.  He's shown signs of greatness but it's in spurts or hidden in mediocre mixtapes.  Regardless, Cam was/still is a national treasure of the rap game.  He's respected by men and the ladies love him, he's truly a hero that is often overlooked but I'll still give Killa his due.