Monday, November 26, 2012

Burton Cummings Messes Up O'Canada

Now I don't want to take away from the Argonauts winning the 100th Grey Cup last night because that it is a great achievement for my city to finally win a championship that isn't lacrosse because lacrosse isn't important to anyone whose closet isn't filled with polos.  But Burton Cummings did a pretty bad job on O'Canada.  Besides the drumbeat that sounded like it came from a Casio keyboard, he messed up the words.  How you can mess up an anthem I'll never understand.  You sang it or heard for most of your early life so that song should be stuck in your head.  You may know French Montana's Pop That from start to finish but how do you not know about the national anthem?

For national anthems you either do really good or do it really bad.  There's a lot of great ones that have become a standouts over the years like Whitney and Marvin and then there's the bad ones which will make a future WFMML post.  I still giggle whenever someone mentions Carl Lewis' rendition of the national anthem.  But this isn't a track star whose singing the anthem this is Burton Cummings.  If you've seen Superbad, you know the song These Eyes.  If you're a Maestro Fresh Wes fan, you know These Eyes.  This Burton Cummings, who is still rocking a Movember mustache from the 90's, decides to remix the anthem and tried to make it groovy.  No Cummings, sing it like you would if you're late for class and the hall monitors force you to stay still and let the anthem play.

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