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List: Top 5 Favourite Band Moments on TV Shows

I'm not sure what it is but whenever a popular band is featured in a television series it ends up being a memorable episode.  Almost every episode has a central theme, one of the members is lost or an item of theirs goes missing, the band turn out to be slobs or divas or it's a dream sequence but they all end up performing at sometime during the episode.  Here are my top five favourite band moments in a TV series.

5.  Boyz N Motion, That's So Raven

The fictional band that Raven and Raven's mom desire are coming to town and are performing at the restaurant. Girls being the groupies they are, run the boys out of the restaurant and end up at Raven's house.  Of course!  The Boyz refuge there for no real clear reason.  Raven gloats at school that she can get the Boyz to perform at some dance and Bianca, the new leader of the bitch clique (who knows why Adrianne Bailon couldn't make it, not like she still has a singing career or anything) thinks she's bullshitting. 

At the house the Boyz like the untimely dicks they are decide to quit showbiz, so Raven and crew are forced to pose as the Boyz and the girls at school fall for it and go apeshit for them until Bianca the bitch that she is blows their cover.  The Boyz finally show up after the mom tells them to pick up their sack and perform because that's what you do!  Not only is the song pretty damn catchy but Raven, the greatest child actor of all time, is a riot and probably had the best Disney show not named Even Stevens.  Not Lizzie McGuire though, that last season was weird, same for Even Stevens' last season.  In fact all three had weird last seasons, Raven's mom was away or whatever.

4.  Destiny's Child, Smart Guy

Yvette tries out to be a background dancer for a Destiny Child's video.  TJ, being the little prick brother that he is, upstages Yvette with his Gregory Hines tap dancing and cute 13 year old pre-acne looks got the girls attention and became the center piece in the video.  Now this is Destiny's Child before Beyonce was Beyonce, Kelly was doing europop with Owen Wilson, before Latoya hooked up with Slim Thug and had one notable album and the darky that got forgotten, LaTavia. 

You can watch this now and watch her in Obsessed and it's the same terrible acting by Beyonce.  It's like she read the script and decide to act like she just read the script.  Surprisingly enough, LaTavia had the most lines out of the quartet but Beyonce was tagged with Marcus (Jason Weaver) through most of the episode so the focus was on her.  Marcus, Moe and TJ invite the girls to their school dance because coincedently a dance happens when there is auditions for a videoshoot.  Marcus takes B, Moe takes Latoya and TJ takes the darkies. 

The girls perform two songs, "No, No, No" for the video and the acapella version of Amazing Grace off of their album Writings Off The Wall during the dance.  This is an awesome version of Amazing Grace because they did it the blackiest way possible with so much sass you can hear the necks snapping back and forth as they sing.  Surprised the crowd did chat back like at a Sunday service in Houston with a bunch of "Mmmhmm", "Sing it girl!" etc.

3.  The Beets, Doug

Think I've spoken enough on how great The Beets are.

2.  N*Sync, The Simpsons

Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph become a boy band from a shady guy in a corvette and a high and tight haircut named L.T. Smash.  The boys, The Party Posse, become an overnight sensation and after their first show meet N*Sync.  The group appears with a fruit basket and a taser but leave soon after when their clothes get out of date.  They return later in a speedboat when L.T. Smash, actually name LT. Smash goes crazy and decides to blow up the office of Mad Magazine.  They come up with the ultimate chillout song and perform the steps to defuse the situation where they close with the Matrix as Chris Kirkpatrick of Fairly Odd Parents fame falls.  It's quite a memorable appearance, they get a good amount of dialogue and were cool enough to poke fun at themselves.  Word - Justin Timberlake.

1.  Zack Attack, Saved By The Bell

This memorable band of the 90's had the perfect amount of cheese but of course it was just a dream.  There's nothing more hilarious then seeing the group perform and hearing the the voices used for this band, they don't even try to match the voices with the actors.  Funny enough this is the only time this imaginary band was ever mentioned, they just went back to dicking around school pissing off Mr. Belding and the rest of the teaching staff. 

After a montage, the PR girl quickly turnt girfriend of Zack's celebrity life decides to chime in on every little thing the group does (because that's what fluzy girlfriends of the lead do) and soon the group begins to fight and break up.  Slater becomes a race car driver, Lisa an American Gladiator, Kelly a nun (it's funny cause she busted it wide open to most of the school) and Screech searchs to become the high geek. 

Jessie (also known as Nomi to some) hurt her back so she couldn't appear in this ultimate cheese fest.  The creme de la creme of this episode is whenever the band performs especially Friends Forever.  They don't sound like they're singing, they don't even have the right chords, the drums make a sound before anything is even hit (even though Mario Lopez is a skilled drummer).  But the song is kinda catchy and it's Saved By The Bell, so it gets a pass.

Honorable Mention: Bel Biv Devoe, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Honorable mention goes to Bel Biv Devoe for their appearance on The Fresh Prince.  Carlton rents out the Banks living room for a video shoot and Will is totally obilged to this idea until BBD shows up.  Will and his friend Ty dap it up while they perform, the group gets interrupted again when Ashley's girl scout troop get in groupie gaga mode but the best is Ty and Will begin dancing as they perform.  It's Fresh Prince, find me someone who doesn't like FP and slap 'em across the head.

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