Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoughts on a Boy Meets World Sequel

Like many people in their 20's today, they grew up on ABC's TGIF lineup.  All the shows went under the same formula which has stuck with ABC to this day, family.  Every show took a look at a family and their day to day lives and taught us a lesson at the end of each episode mixed in with a little hijinx.  In the 90's, ABC soon added shows with supernatural based sitcoms like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Teen Angel and You Wish but all still keeping the same formula.  Shows switched networks or got cancelled but the staple of the TGIF lineup was Boy Meets World.

This wasn't like Step By Step or Family Matters or even Full House, this show had heart and was actually funny.  The show followed young Cory Matthews as he grows up in suburbia in Philadelphia.  With great acting from the cast of young actors including the younger brother of Fred Savage, who starred in his own show of coming of age, The Wonder Years.  Cory received great advice from his mentor and teacher Mr. Feeny, antics with his best friend Shawn and the ups and downs with the love of his life Topanga.  You could watch the show today and still use lessons learned there to get by today, I know I have.  It's one of the rare shows that was the perfect balance of comedy and drama, you don't get shows like that anymore.  The show taught people you can always trust your friends and family during the toughest times.

There's reports of a follow up to Boy Meets World with the kid of Cory and Topanga.  In the episode "Seven the Hard Way", they flash forward to the future after the events of a prank war go aware and how everyone's relationship ended up.  In said future, Cory and Topanga have a loveless marriage and mention having a daughter Beverly Glen at Mr. Feeny's retirement party.  Now I'm a big, a very big fan of the series, I'm kinda iffy on this sequel, most likely to be named Girl Meets World.

Is there a need for another show about a girl growing up today?  For a reminder today's girls are already involved with Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other fandom girls are currently foaming over.  There's already been various shows that have focused around girls in the past few years, iCarly, Victorious, Hannah Montana, Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of The American Teenager.  Then there's the pop singers, Cody Simpson, Bieber the gawd, One Direction and other random teenagers who will trend on twitter who sing.  But what about the boys? 

What was the last show that taught a boy lessons on growing up and how to be a man in recent years?  Because I'll be blatantly honest, kids today really need a good smack.  From what they're wearing to advice about the opposite sex to just learning what's right and what's wrong, males need a talking to.  They need to learn from mistakes made by them and their best friend, learn how to deal with a goofy, sometimes responsible, older brother and when all else fails get a speech told to them by their hardworking father or the grey haired school teacher next door.  There's already a lack of father figures for boys to look up to today who don't smoke, drink, curse or rap.  Boys need to learn from someone that's not behind a twitter account.  Boys don't know what's right from wrong, that's what Boy Meets World taught millions of young teens.

Now with this potential Boy Meets World sequel/spin-off it sounds like a terrible/great idea.  TV plotlines for shows focused on girls all seem to revolve about one thing: Sex.  Sex is bad, do it and you'll get pregnant and go through it still looking pretty.  That's the plot from Secret Life, seriously, every season someone gets pregnant on that show.  What TV today has, isn't what I'd want to learn and know about when I was young.  Last thing I want to think about before entering high school was: "Oh man, so many girls.  Sure don't want to get any of these girls pregnant or else I'll end up like the teens on Secret Life."  In short, I'm still up in the air on this sequel and I'd much prefer a show about a boy growing up today because girls get all the terrible family oriented shows.

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