Thursday, November 15, 2012

WFMML: Affion Crockett's Making The Band

Back when P Diddy was still attempting to make a band out of young and hopeful singers, the Chappelle sketch made it a bigger joke then it already was.  One that went under the radar may have been comedian Affion Crockett's Making The Band 4 Spoofs.  Affion and partner John O. Nelson made the spoofs almost six years ago when the real Making Da Band was still going on.  What the comedians came up with was one of the best spoofs you'll see on the net.  What made these spoofs so great was, it always felt fresh and didn't getting tired.  He was the only one doing these spoofs.  It didn't have various people making spoof videos like the Shit Girls Say parodies which jump the shark after it changed from the sex of person to location and city.  The series starred Affion as the rebel group member Big Tyme, John as Michael Bivins, various comedians from then popular improv show Wildin' Out, Drew Sidora, Jackie Long and others.

The spoof series spawned four videos over four months and when Diddy decided to make another Making The Band following the groups from the previous season, Day 26 and Danity Kane, Affion created another set of spoofs focusing on the groups as they dealt with choreographers and politicking with the other band members and Big Tyme.  My all time favourite of these spoof videos that will forever make me laugh (that's what WFMML means) is Part 5 of the Day 26/ Danity Kane Spoofs when the group is in the studio with Kwame played by Kel Mitchell. 

The members struggle with Kwame's musical demands and advises on hitting the right notes.  When one of the group members (Al B Sure's son, Albert Brown Jr) is unable finish the words to the song, Kwame has had enough and goes off and hilarity soon follows.  "Check your shoes, check your damn shoes!  I wanna see if you stepped in that bullshit you put in this booth!"  As usual with the series, it's Big Tyme to the rescue with wise words and a knockout punch.  Looks like Kwame still hasn't gotten over that Biggie line.

If you have an afternoon to yourself, I highly recommend the series.

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