Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rihanna: Hate Her Music, Love Looking At Her Pics

I honestly hate her music.  It's music I just don't like, pop music post 2010.  I like pop music but not her music.  There's a few pop songs out today that I can enjoy.  Carly Rae Jaspen's "Call Me Maybe", yes.  fun's "We Are Young"?, dumb lyrics but their album was fire.  Anything by Justin Bieber?  He's a gawd, best male pop artist out there now, that's not Korean.  But there's maybe a handful of RiRi songs I actually like of hers, literally like five songs I'll go back to and enjoy.

Her music has gone the European route, sounding more techno/electro with each single.  I get it, she's a star and you're trying to get that international money but every pop single, like everything else on the radio (like music enthusiasts who don't drive like to say), sounds the same.  If you were to take out the lyrics of every pop song and asked me to name them, I'd have a better chance at beating one of the moms in Supermarket Sweep.  I'd have no chance. 

Plus she's part of the pop machine, all the songs, production are already set and ready for her when she's ready.  Soon as the album gets a name, she lays vocals down and boom, new Rihanna album out within two months.  Yes, when you're a pop singer, it's that easy.  She's dropped an album every year since 2009 in November.  She doesn't seem like she's going to take a break anytime soon.  Didn't take a break when that thing happened with that blond haired gentleman who you all know.  No I'm not going to say his name, I know how SEO works and I don't want his "Team" commenting on anything of mine.  If they wanna get beat by him, go ahead.  Oh, I was a never a fan of his music either.

I'll give her respect, especially her team, for her rise in the past few years.  No one wants Pon De Reply Rihanna back, that was terrible.  Remember the reggae boom of 2005?  Boy that came and went, white people got introduce to Sean Paul and Elephant Man for the first time.  Wearing Jamaican flag colours, starting learning all the dances and began dutty wining at parties, I kinda prefer the rise of twerking today to be honest.  Pon De Reply Rihanna wouldn't last, even slow ballad Rihanna on her follow up album, A Girl Like Me, hasn't been seen in quite a while but we all know badgalriri today. 

I'm aware of "Diamonds", it's alright but I probably (most likely, most definately) won't be revisiting it anytime soon on purpose.  I can't even name the any other single from her last album, I only know of "We Found Love" mainly because Cam'ron did a remix to it and was a big fan of it himself.  Wait, I know "Cake" because I finished the rest of my birthday cake last night.

But her music aside, I love looking at her.  She has what the kids call swag.  Whether it's a trip to the strip club or just chilling in her underwear, I can't help but right click, save as and add to my secret folders on my computer.  I know you have it them too and you probably added a few here in this post.

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