Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gracie Breakdown: UFC on FX 7, Guillotine Counters

Because FX Canada likes to air The Ultimate Fighter -- that nobody watched, last one had the lowest ratings -- and not the live event UFC on FX 7, I missed the seeing Michael Bisping being knocked back down to reality that he's not that good.  Plus I'm not going to stream something that I can watch for free (bandwidth ain't cheap!), I'd rather wait for whatever laws or contracts FX Canada has to sign to air something advertised on the FX nework.  Canada can be dumb when it comes to airing content sometimes, like when a movie is advertised on a US network and on the scheduled time, there's a Canadian blackout and something else is aired.  Yeah stupid.

In this Gracie Breakdown, they got a new intro and some editting tricks.  Rener and his guest (and fiance) Eve Torres former WWE diva breakdown counters to the guillotine choke showcased in the Gonzaga and Rothwell fight.  He didn't mention it but I want that Gracie shirt.  Rener hook ya boy up with some gear.

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