Friday, January 11, 2013

Because It's Been Stuck In My Head...

I'm going to post "Icon" by dubstep producer Benga and songstress Bebe Black. 

Discovered this will I was on my forever long trek for new music.  Found a list of female British singers I should know about and since I never heard of any of them, I thought I should know about it.  Found the list in December, perfect time for new music especially with the barrage of year end lists that were being formulated.  This song was the first to really grab me and I'm not really big on dubstep, there's just something about Bebe's voice.   I've played this four times just writing this.

Yeah I just don't get dubstep, the drops all that shit I don't get.  If I can bop my head to it and has a catchy hook, I'll rock with it.  Don't get snobbish with me, dubstep purists.

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