Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sandlot Turns 20 Years Old

I don't really know when I first saw The Sandlot but I fell in love with it in my first viewing.  It's one of those movies that any time you come across it on television, you have to stop and watch it.  I should update that syndicated movies list now that I think of it.  I think the main reason why it's such a memorable movie is because it felt real.  There's a plethora of movies that came out in the 90's (my youth) but very few were set in the past (Sandlot was set in 1962).  A lot of movies that came out in the 90's I wouldn't even attempt to watch nowadays.  There was a lot of genre mixing, a lot of movies about involving kids given responsibilities at a young age (Blank Check, Little Big League), the use of animatronics and puppets that were flat out scary, kids getting lost (Babies too!), live action remakes of comic strips and cartoons, movies based on 2D video games (Mortal Kombat > everything else) and talking animals movies (if it isn't Homeward Bound, get it outta here).

Sandlot was about a bunch of kids having fun during the summer playing baseball.  It felt real, it felt like something you once experienced yourself and said, yeah me and my friends did that too.  Yeah, I tried to get the pretty girl's attention.  Yeah, we came up with creative ways to call each other names.  Yeah, we played baseball or another sport together and thought we were the pros.  That's what being 12 was about. Just a bunch of kids who were trying to enjoy their summer with their friends.  Isn't that what we all want, every summer?  It's one of the best movies to watch during any time of the year but mainly summer.  Now tell your little siblings/cousins or your own children to get off the laptop, iPad or Xbox and play outside!  Games all have autosave functions implemented so there's no worries.

Sidenote: I can really quote his movie forever and a lifetime.  Forever, for-ev-er...


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