Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter: Let's Remember Fluff E. the Hip-Hop Bunny

One of my the many shows that were way too vulgar and adult for me to watch when I was young including was the Comedy Network's Buzz.  The Toronto based show was really guerrilla, hosts Daryn Jones and Mista Mo would hit the streets doing their brand of comedy to the unsuspected citizens of Toronto.

One of the staple characters was Fluff E. the Hip-Hop Bunny.  Buzz regular Jean-Paul, Country Mo Dee's hypeman donning the costume, Fluff E. would walk about the streets of Toronto just causing havoc or talking straight filth to women.  And since it's Easter, why not remind people of Fluff E. and Buzz.  There's more Fluff E. but I just can't post it (blogger's YouTube connection does that sometimes).  A simple YT search should take you to more Fluff E.

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