Monday, October 15, 2012

I Only Love Her...

Now on twitter (@j_millerdark btw, in case you care) usually when I'm not tweeting about what I'm watching or doing day to day, I occassionally drop the line "I only love her..." from the song 3 Kings by Rick Ross, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z are also on the song, this line usually ends with a feature of a female in which I am very appreciative her.  Now this ranges from something physical, dressing accordingly or talent wise.  There's many ways to end that statement that's why it's so fun to tweet and hula hooping is a very underrated talent.

I don't know what it is but I'm memorized right now by this video.  Whether it's the impressive skill of hula hooping, the mello country music in the background, her bright smile or her grey yoga pants but I could probably watch this all day and not have a problem with it.  Now if I can find a gal who has a talent of hula hooping, she would get brunch from me with a refill on the OJ (yes I rate women on what meals they deserve but that's another story) and brunch = wifey.  Just sit back and enjoy and if you're a female watching, pick up a hula hoop.

P.S. Happy Birthday me

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