Friday, October 12, 2012

I Still Have A Crush On Lindsay Lohan

Yeah I'll admit it, like others have once said, I want this Lindsay Lohan back. 

I really don't know what happened to her career in the last few years, she had Hollywood in her hands and potential to be one of the more recognizable young actresses but threw it away.  She's now known as the stereotypical child star with a ruined career due to various factors and mistakes.  I remember the exact moment I realized I had a crush on her.  The very first time she hosted SNL back on May 1, 2004 when the last remaining stars such as Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph were still there.  Like I never really had that much of an interest in SNL back in the 2000's, I was a MadTV fan from the beginning (for a couple years it was MadTV > SNL) and chose it over the NBC program but when I found out Lohan was hosting I was eager to see it.  I didn't catch Mean Girls in theatres but heard enough good things about it to make me want to watch her host that weekend.  I even taped it, on a VCR (vintage).  Throughout that week, I watched that one episode of SNL three times.  The episode was humorous but I'd mainly watch it to see Lilo (that Debbie Downer skit and the Harry Potter skit still get legit LOLs from me).  

Through the years I'd always check to see what her future projets she had in the works, none worth really noting (I don't see anyone quoting Bobby).  She lost weight, entered rehab, started sniffing that white, played Grand Theft Auto drunk and in real life crashing into everybody on the road, dyed her hair blonde tried this whole Marilyn Monroe thing (even for her Playboy shoot), started making terrible in fact turrible movies and just kept taking steps back for the last five years.  Only time you'd hear about her is when she's getting arrested or charged for something.

Sure I've seen her nude, three (maybe four, maybe five) times now but after awhile I'm thinking "Wow Lilo is naked again, damn sure looks unhealthy!"  She hasn't gained the weight back, still making bad movies, for Lifetime of all people.  Folks turned their back on her, not even gonna mention that wacky family.  She should stay low but keeps popping up in the news for the wrong reasons as usual.  Now most would drop their crushes once they've done something foolish like a running back that's fumbled twice and giving them negative points in a fantasy league. 

We've all had past crushes that either still remain in our dreams or have hit the trash bins of our minds, Lilo is on the edge of my dream coach just beside the trash bin.  Whether age got to them, they did something that was a turn off or they just faded away like dust off a cowboy's boot.  They have slumps, like any fantasy player, shit like any human, where we wish them the best and hope they can bounce back and make the right decisions for themselves but it's up to them.  You're not in their mind or in their entourage telling them what's good and what's bad.  You just gotta believe they know what they're doing and look at all angles for saying/doing/tweeting anything.  Crushes come and go as the years go by, someone crushes are at the top of people's fantasy roster.  Some people have sleepers that most won't think of at first and near the end of that fantasy roster is that one you have hope for, that you believe can have a comeback and surprise people.  Lilo is the last pick on my roster.

So yes, I still have a crush on Lindsay Lohan.

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