Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Rid of Tim Tebow

I don't hate Tim Tebow and I'm not a Jets fan.  I never hopped on the Tebowmania when it was rolling full steam last year.  I don't think Tebow is a capable quarterback.  I wouldn't trust him to lead my team for a full 60 minute game.  He's a Jet, who gets no more than five plays a game, a majority of them are from the wildcat offense or a trick pass playing on special teams.  Mark Sanchez is the starter and he's not that good, 12 TDs, 13 INTs and is 55% in completions and the Jets are in a three way tie for second place in the AFC East.  And it's not helping with the so called saving grace Tebow is backing you.  It's time for the Jets to get rid of Tebow.

When Peyton got signed by the Broncos there was no way Peyton was gonna have Young Jesus Christ behind him breathing down his infused neck with the thoughts of Tebowmania happening again.  There was two teams interested in Tebow, one of them being the Jets.  Here's the thing, the Jets organization is more interested in jersey sales than actually having a good team.  With the other New York team winning the Super Bowl, the Jets have felt forgotten so they had to make a splash during the offseason for people to get interested in them again.

Tebow is not good.  I don't care what Skip Bayless says, Tebow is not a good quarterback.  There are statistics that say Tebow can not throw the ball.  His throwing motion is one of the worst out there, he can't read defenses to know whether to throw the ball and when to run it.  But Tebow wins games.  He is a distraction to Sanchez even though Tebow can't play the position.  Imagine that.  Really think about that one.  You have to work your butt of because the person next up to take your job can't fulfill it.  Only in sports something like that can happen.

With the play of Greg McElroy this past Sunday, the Jets now have to pick between three QBs to start Sunday because mathematically, they're still in the playoff race.  At 5-7, they're still able to maybe make the wildcard.  McElroy went 5-7 for 29 yards.  It's not the most impressive stat line but it got the Jets the W.  Now they could stick with McElroy who was better than the other two during the preseason, he was the only one to get a touchdown during the preseason!  But Sanchez signed that extension in March and Tebow is Tebow so to third string you McElroy goes. (Note: this morning, Rex Ryan has chosen Mark Sanchez over Tebow and McElroy)

Tebow could still go to Jacksonville.  Because only reason to be there is because it's in Florida and it's warm and to root for the Jags who suck.  Blaine Gabbert is a bad QB but he can at least make some plays to get MJD fantasy owners some points.  Backing him is Chad Henne who is forever a backup QB but in the few games he's started for, he's done pretty well.  They're already selling tickets as low as $20 just so they don't have any blackouts.  Even if Tebow is there, EverBank Field hasn't been blacked out in over two years.  The fans will show up no matter who the opponent will be but the reason I want Tebow to go to Jacksonville isn't because it's his hometown it's because the bright lights have to dim and Jacksonville is the perfect place for him.

No one ever talks about the Jaguars unless it's about moustache grooming tips from their owner Shad Khan.  The AFC South is a division that for the longest time has been about Peyton and the Colts or the rising Texans.  Titans have done nothing news worthy unless it's about Chris Johnson's lack of fantasy points (you know priorities) and the crazy antics of Vince Young.  Jaguars will always be bad, I have no ideas how that franchise can turn it around because I don't believe they can win the division with the current talent that is there.  No ones believes that Gabbert can make that a team worth watching, MJD wants more money because it's Jacksonville and he's busting his hump for this talentless team but if Tebow is there, they 'll believe.

Tebow is not paid a whole lot, he's signed for 3 years at $6 mil this year.  That's a base salary of $1.1 mil this year and that might increase depending on his productive of play which won't be happening as long as he has cracked ribs.  The Jets have to dump Tebow and rebuild this team.  Go for a receiver.  Get a running back that will fulfill their potential (yes Shonn Greene sucks) and get younger d-linemen.  Whether they keep Sanchez around, Tebow has to go.  Send him to Jacksonville where he will literally be forgotten by most NFL fans.  It's the best option for the team and the best for Tebow.

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