Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Typical Sunday in September

When you're highly involved in fantasy football like I am, you can't help but sit back and really observe your Sunday morning before the 1 o'clock games have begun.  I'm the owner of seven fantasy teams (six on Yahoo!, one on ESPN) and the week leading up to the Sunday is as big of a priority as the hours before kickoff. 

In one league, I have no running backs and I'm lost because another owner has snagged the pick up player of the week so I have to go off the books and pick a backup to a lesser known RB, crossing my fingers he gets some touches for that Sunday.  In other leagues, I'm undefeated or have yet to win a game.  The fantasy football life is one you just can't visit, you have to fully involve yourself in it, everything from draft order to your fantasy name.  You have to read reports, read start 'em or sit 'em articles from various websites, look at game logs, fan preview pieces etc.  It's a life that very few can get acquainted in, you have to embrace it, heck you gotta be 'bout it, 'bout it.  For the next six months, you'll have your nose in football, if you haven't smelt the pigskin yet then you're just visiting.  It's even more hectic when there's money on the line.

I'm also involved in fantasy baseball, first year, and I'm currently in a final and it's tied.  This Sunday is a frantic one.  I leave you with someone who was always 'bout it 'bout it, Master P.

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