Friday, September 28, 2012

Random GIF of the Night

Now this gif has some backstory.

1) I love me some Community.  Not to get all hipster but I was watching this from the beginning and soon after word got out it was on the verge of getting cancelled, all of a sudden folks are posting clips and quotes on Facebook but I digress not everyone watches great, smart television from the very start.  They watch Big Bang Theory instead.

2) I had the opportunity to venture tonight solo or dolo (I wrote about it last weekend) to a club and passed on it.  Why?  Because I didn't want to go to a club myself, especially a rave.  Where weird shit happens and everyone is cool with it, like a trip to Disneyland but sweatier and with MDMA being passed around like candy.  One of these days I will go out on the town byself, in a leather jacket ordering scotch straight, there's a beauty on the dance floor, dancing by herself, I watch as she moves gracefully and I'm lookin' like Billy Dee Williams as I sip my scotch, she notices me and begins to dance seductively as she stares, I don't engage and she dances closer to get my attention, she grabs me by the jacket starring at me dead in my eye and we dance to the beat of the music, it's just us on the dance floor pulling off a routine you'd only see on Dancing With The Stars or the dance sequence from Airplane!.  Or some shit like that.

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