Friday, October 26, 2012

Because It's Been Stuck In My Head...

I'm going to post Queen's Gimme The Prize.  After seeing the 1986 cult film Highlander, this song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it and had to download it that night.  Queen just made montage music, no matter what movie/tv show/birthday video it was for, it would fit perfectly.  There's probably a hundred "We Are The Champions" videos out there, including the campfire sing-a-long from The Mighty Ducks 2, this is a very underrated and overlooked Queen song that deserves recognition.

Gimme The Prize, also known as Kurgen's Theme (the villian of the movie), is just perfect.  Kurgen played by Clancy Brown, some might know him as Mr. Krabs, was a mothereffer in this filck, the song represents fits him like a glove.  Kurgen does whatever he can to achieve "the prize" and Connor McCloud is in his way.  I'll talk about what was great and what was wrong with Highlander another time, the casting being the first things but Clancy was perfect.

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