Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Hate Dwight Howard

A few months ago, I wrote a piece on why I hate Dwight Howard.  I wrote it back in July when the trade rumours for Howard were still hot but now I have a blog, where I can edit properly without it looking like a giant blob of words (Facebook's note editing sucks) and I can link articles and other goodies that make it look like a good piece.  Howard is now in Laker yellow and this weekend he made his preseason debut in Los Angeles, no real biggie until I read this from Yahoo! Sports:

Here’s Dwight Howard talking about the emotions on his first Lakers experience: As the bright lights of the Hollywood stage enveloped Howard in the embrace of a deafening din, the strangest thing happened to the planet’s most dominant, most indomitable force: The moment moved him to tears.
“Emotional,” Howard would say outside his locker Sunday night. “A very humbling experience.”

Yeah, that's some bullshit.  So just remember, I wrote this back in July and my feelings are still the same today.

I hate Dwight Howard.

Now hate is a strong word.  More like, really really really dislike Dwight Howard.  It takes a quite a bit of time and anger for someone to hate someone else, especially when they don’t know them.  Now the word “hate” has lost a bit of its meaning in recent years, when you say hate nowadays it’s mainly used to deflect an unwarranted answer: Man Tim Horton’s coffee sucks!  Why you hating, hater?!  One of the more common fields for someone to “hate” someone else is sports.  Being a sports fan in Toronto, you pretty much have to hate someone on one of this city’s teams before/during and after the season.  Me?  Not really.  People hate Chris Bosh, why?  Cause he spent 7 years carrying the team with minimal support and couldn’t make it out of the first round?  OK.  I hate Karl Malone because he’s a dick of a human being, knocking up a 13 year old when he was 20 and it wasn’t until that child became a WNBA star when he decided to come around on birthdays.  Now that’s a reason to hate someone.  Now I’m going to explain why I ‘hate’ Dwight Howard.

First off what Dwight is doing to the Orlando Magic and the Orlando fans is nothing short of just irresponsible and petty.  He waved off his extension with the Magic in 2011 saying he wants to be traded, he gave them a few team names on where he’d like to go, mainly the Nets and the Lakers.  As the shortened season carried on, he and coach Ron Jeremy Stan Van Gundy had beef, in April he gets back surgery and the Magic lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Pacers.  In May, Magic fire Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith, On June 29th Howard meets with Nets owner Ivan Drago Mikhail Prokhorov and after a few vodka shots of motivation, he demands a trade to the now Brooklyn Nets (cause I don’t know who the hell would demand a trade to New Jersey, no one likes NJ).  So he has one year left on his contract and he’s pretty clear that he doesn’t want to play in Orlando anymore.

Meanwhile around the league you hear many suitors would like Howard apart of their team including Houston, both LA teams and Golden State.  Houston wants a guarantee he sticks around after a potential trade, Golden State is willing to rent him and there have been rumours of him going to LA for two years now and nothing has come to fruition.  There are two things Dwight wants: To be in a Nets jersey and to not piss anybody off.  He wants to be popular in Orlando and play for a winning team, yet he wants to go to the Nets?  With this amount of antics and silliness, you really expect people in Orlando to wave goodbye to you without a middle finger salute?

In Brooklyn, there’s Deron Williams and he doesn’t know what to do, either resign or go to Dallas.  Dwight clearly wants to play with Deron but he’s screwing this whole thing up by delaying free agency.  Nets then had to trade their top pick for Gerald Wallace who later opted out then got resigned by the Nets for more money and the Nets are basically moving on talking to Atlanta about Joe Johnson and his ridiculous contract.  Johnson’s contract fills up a majority of the cap space thus no room for Mr. Howard.  If Dwight doesn’t get traded to Brooklyn this summer and enters free agency in 2013, he doesn’t get what he wants.  What next?

Dwight has been flip flopping on what he wants for two years now, the Magic tried to give him what he wanted: they fired Van Gundy and attempted to give him supporting help.  Wasn’t enough.  For as long as Dwight has been in the league, he’s tried to get what he wants, even off the court by not having his baby moms mention him on Basketball Wives.  Don’t get me started on a show on women that birth babies for these athletes with no wedding picture or ring to make them WIVES.  People think I like to defend LeBron James.  Look I enjoy him as a player and in no way shape or form am I a Miami Heat fan but LeBron never did some shit like this.  He was a free agent and decided to tell the NBA world where he was going on ESPN and let’s be real, after the NBA and NHL playoffs there’s a drought in sports.  People don’t excited over July baseball, sorry.  The only thing LeBron’s Decision and potentially Dwight’s Decision have in common is neither one of them went to college; both of them were kids fresh out of high school that listened to whatever the people around them told them to do.  They’ve been in this sheltered home for so long, once they got bored and decided to creep outside, into the jungle, on their own and they got killed.  Some come equipped with a spear ready, some are carrying a map wondering where to go.

As of right now on July 2nd 2012, Dwight has demanded a trade to the Nets and claims the Magic “blackmailed” him into signing an ‘opt-in’ clause.  People hate LeBron because he chose to play for the Miami Heat and donated $2.5 million tothe Boys & Girls Club after becoming a free agent.  I hate Dwight Howard because of constant flip flopping, never manning up to any of these reports and this bitchy attitude of getting what he wants.  No loyalty and no respect for the parties involved.

Well since writing this a lot has happened: Dwight got traded a month later, to the Lakers.  Bynum got sent to the Philadelphia 76ers, Andre Iguodala got sent to the Denver Nuggets and Orlando got Al Harrington and Arron Afflalo.  Yes, Orlando lost in the trade.  They got a bunch of meh players and draft picks, good luck to Big Baby Davis and JJ Redick carrying that team.  Lakers also got Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison and few bench players from the Howard trade.  Bynum had surgery and Iggy is quiet as always.  I still hate Dwight Howard especially after his emotional debut, IN A PRESEASON GAME.  Why is he pretending like he didn’t want this?  He did want to go to the Lakers first but he didn’t want to be compared to Shaq and then he didn’t sign his extension. 

No matter what you do you will be known as Dwight Howard, the dick headed cry baby center with no posts moves what so ever who cried cried cried until he gets what he wanted.  Oh I can’t wait when the Lakers to begin fighting with each other.  I give them the second week in January before we hear the first "turmoil in the locker room" reports or the "Dwight doesn't like the coaching directions" reports.  Oh and believe folks in Toronto will be watching when the Lakeshow comes up north.

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