Wednesday, October 31, 2012

List: NFL Coaches Who Need To Be Fired

I know being a head coach of a football team or any team is a 24 hour job, you are forever thinking of what scheme or plan you might want to introduce to your team and execute it during a game.  You have to start from the bottom and make your way up to become a head coach, you have to create a gameplan and playbook that will help your team succeed with the players you have to win a championship.  Vince Lombardi, Bill Belicheck, Don Shula, Bill Walsh some of the greatest names in football history who lived as coaches.  Then there's the guys who are part timing it, half assing or in other words plain suck, here's my list of NFL coaches who need to be fired, like yesterday.

5. Marvin Lewis.  It's long overdue.  How he's held onto a job for the past couple of years, I'll never know.  He's been to the playoffs three times in his 9 years and lost in all three.  He seems like a coach people forget has a job still until they make the playoffs or get fired.  Hopefully one of those things happen at the end of this season.

4. Romeo Crennel.  Good lord the Chiefs are bad.  What do you mean you don't know why Jamaal Charles only carried the ball five times on Sunday's game?  Negligant and dumb.  Still haven't proved himself as a coach, except you can't do much without cheating from your New England days.  Seven games without a lead, first team since 1940.  Talk about a great depression because ya know, during the Great Depression is when a team played like that during a season.

3. Andy Reid.  A lot, and I mean A LOT of critics and sportswriters love to point the shit stick at Andy Reid, now Reid has been to three straight NFC conference finals, losing all three, and a Super Bowl, lost that too.  But Andy hasn't really done much since but continue the trend of losing and trying to make Mike Vick a passing quarterback when he isn't.  You have Lesean McCoy who rushed for over 1300 yards and got 17 TDs last year. Give. Him. The ball.  But you overpaid Mike Vick and what to get every dime out of him before he starts seeing flying ducks circle around his head after a big hit when that offensive line plays olay with defenders.  We all saw how Donovan McNabb failed in Washington and Minnesota proving he's a system QB, why can't Andy make a system for Vick?  Use plays that are familiar to him in Atlanta and in college?  He made Kevin Kolb and Jeff Garcia look like stars.  Vick is 32 but an old 32.  He's at the end of his road and so should Andy, make or break season.  Playoffs or bust.

2. Norv Turner.  If there's a team and a coach that has been overlooked when it came to failure and not meeting expectations, it's the San Diego Chargers.  Some want to say he has a great offensive mind (was offensive coordinator for Dallas when they won back-to-back in the 90's) but holy shit, how is this guy still employed?  His record is not impressive, at all, 110-117-1 and 3-3 in the playoffs.  He has the players to do something great with and just blows it.  Chargers either start off the year great and play like trash to end the season, or vice versa.  Norv can lead this team to water but no one know how to swim with their up to their neck and then Antonio Gates gets injured.  And Philip Rivers is worse than Tony Romo.

1. Jason Garrett hasn't done jack to earn his paycheque or his current position, even before he was the head coach he was making $3 million as an assistant coach.  That's insane, I know Jerry Jones has money but you throw money like that at the Quincy Carters of the world.  Jones spends like Cuban but thinks like Al Davis.  That defense is fine, they drafted players to help that awful secondary.  They're 3rd against the pass and 13th against the run.  The play calling is flat out dumb, it's 2nd and 1 and you throw three straight passes?  Blame Romo all you want, yes he's a chunk of the problem but whose calling those plays for him?  I truly believe the Cowboys will never win or make it to the Super Bowl until Jones steps down.  Jerry Jones is the only GM who gets interviewed after a loss during the regular season.  Garrett is just a yes man to the man in the pressbox rapping in commercials.  But he's still an awful coach.

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