Monday, October 8, 2012

Something From Japan: Silent Library

Silent Library is a segment originated in a Japanese variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!.  Set in a library, six cards are placed down on a table, one marked with a skull and crossbones deciding the contestant.  Contestants must remain silent while stunts are performed, these stunts vary from things disgusting to painful to just flat out bizarre.  MTV made a game show out of the segment, with contestants ranging from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, Ron Jeremy, Bieber Da Gawd, New Boyz and Asher Roth.

You can never go wrong with game shows.  They're cheap, fun and always enjoyable.  Jeopardy, Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune have been on for decades and don't really seem like they're ending anytime soon.  MTV cancelled Silent Library in 2011 when there was so much potential.  The Japanese version of Silent Library is a lot different then the MTV version.  Mainly the contestants are laughing like a kindergarten kids and someone farted in the room, they don't attack the cards once they're placed and there's no break in between picking the contestant and the stunt.  I enjoy both versions of the segment but I like game shows.  Just below is the Japanese version of Silent Library, tell me which one you prefer.

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