Monday, October 8, 2012

Video: Vancome Lady Greets Trick-Or-Treaters

I'll be one of the few to say Mad TV > Saturday Night Live back in the 90's and early 2000's.  It wasn't appreciated until it was gone.  I was watching it from the very beginning, back when they still had Spy vs. Spy and Artie Lange was in drag.  In the later years comedians like Will Sasso, Michael McDonald, Alex Borstein and others joined the cast and that's when it was really hitting its stride.  Then after they left including long time cast member Debra Wilson, you knew it was on its last legs.

I'm not one of the folks that giggle at "Can I Have Your Numbah?!", I still don't find that sketch funny or the fast food joint sequel.  The early sketches of Mad TV were some of the best and showed some remarkable sketches for the time.  The earlier episodes might be overlooked due to the popularity of Sasso and Borstein's characters.  Vancome Lady is one of the best characters in the show's run.  Played by Nicole Sullivan one of the originals from the first season.  Vancome Lady could come up with some true jabs and haymakers that would still dig to this day.  One of her best characters.

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