Friday, December 28, 2012

Every Man Has a Code: A Look Back at "Heat"

A preverbal quote that a man decided on at a point in their life where they can do no more or no less.  They choose by this mantra, prefebly keeping it in secret or choosing to tell their closest acquinences and loved ones.  If the ones they care about are undecisive about this "code", they alone have two decisions:  they will have this person(s) by their side for the rest of their lives or they leave after that person has come to a decision.

I have many codes, some that made me into the strong will person that I am today and some that have posted on my mental clipboard that have yet to placed up.  The ones currently on the clipboard have to deal with the work, daily decisions but mostly the opposite sex because women be crazy.  Haven't been in a relationship all year, spoken to a few but my advances have fallen mostly on deaf ears, can't really do anything about it.  It's not holding me back from what I really want.  Except sex.

In the movie Heat, Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) is on the trail of criminal Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his crew after their most recent robbery that left cops dead.  After tracking him down and stopping him on the highway, the two sit down for a cup of coffee.  The two men, who live by their own codes, sit down and get a taste of what each has to entail.

Both men deal with the stress of their day to day, Vincent with is third wife and her suicidal daughter, Neil finding someone near the end of his last big score, and at the end of it all, they respect each other.  They know neither one would tinker with their steel cased code they live by to get what they want.  And they also know, no one including each other will get in the way of it.

For someone to avid by the rules of their code isn't as easy as it seems.  Some wish to think their code is like a brinks truck that holds all and everything inside but that titanium studded room can be opened very easily, especially when their emotions get involved.  During the summer there was a breach of one of my codes and I let it happen right under my nose.  It happens, you try your best to prevent it but there isn't much you can do about it once it's been cracked.  Only thing you can do is try and close it as quickly as possible without anyone being the wiser.

Neil came to terms with this when he was so close to driving away with the girl in his life but Vincent was right there.  He let his hate and anger of Waingro get in the way of never having to worry about breaking his code again.  You see, spoiler if you haven't seen the movie (it's been over 10 years does it count as a spoiler still?) Waingro, a new member to Neil's crew who killed the cops from the last heist, snitched, trying to have Neil and his crew killed but Neil was too smart.  Neil is smart to know when something is off, you may not have passed grade 10 science but you have to be smart to have that "code" posted in the back your mind, at all times.  Vincent dropped everything when his step-daughter cut herself in the bathroom of his hotel room he got for himself after another marriage seemed to be crumbling.  A code made of steel can quickly become glass once those loved ones become involed, whether they are aware of your code or not. 

For a man to live by a code, it takes self-discipline.  Discipline to get where you need to go, to achieve what you need to succeed.  A code has rules and explanations that aren't needed for everyone to understand, not everyone can deal with someone that has a code which they cannot question.  A code can take you to the sky and above or leave you loveless and alone in your work.  Vincent and Neil know the latter.

The coffee scene from Heat:

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