Thursday, December 20, 2012

Video: H-Town & U-Myind - We Bring You Joy

This is possibly the sexiest, most hood R&B Christmas song ever.  Not only are humming and hawing throughout the song but they're shouting out the homies, amping up their mans as they sang and pretty much improvising the words, mixing a few different Christmas songs into this five minute gem.  H-Town was really an underrated 90's group, mostly known for "Knockin The Boots" and the twins Dino and Shazam had some voices that probably had them drapped in panty drawers when they performed.

I've been looking for this song for some time and since Christmas is only five days away (!!), I'm glad I finally found it and am able to post it.  For those who know me, know I love me some R&B and you just don't have voices like these anymore.  Way too much falsetto in contemporary R&B artists today coming from the likes of The Weeknd, The Dream and Miguel, I like those last two (The Weeknd owes Terius a check) but I need to hear a baritone or non-falsetto vocalist, it's too pretty right now in R&B, where's the masculine singers at?

Thank you based Youtube!  Found the video for "We Bring You Joy" which is just as great as the song itself.  Features the two groups, a choir and some of Santa's little hoodrats, skip to 1:48 for the video.

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