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Holiday Season Viewing: Shows To Watch During The Holidays

The holiday season is always a joyish occasion.  Everyone is home from work and school and it's quality time for you to spend time with your family and loved ones.  Well once those 10 minutes are over you jet line to your computer.  in reality its ideal time for you to catch up on things you missed out on sleep, TV shows and sleep.  Once you've awaken from your slumber and cracked open the first carton of eggnog, it's time for the marathoning to begin.  Most prefer an episodic series, one they can knock out within a day or a week instead of riding on the wave a show that's been on for years that's probably passed it's prime (Dexter).  So here's a list of newer shows that have just started and slowly gaining an audience.  No, they're not just my favourite shows but they are shows you should watch.  They're shows with great storytelling that improve after every ending credit.  So go to your favourite free TV streaming site or Netflix and settle for some great television.
Arrow (9 episodes, still running)

Follow the origin of Oliver Quinn also known as the Green Arrow, who returns after being shipwrecked on an island for five years.  The best thing about this show is that I don't know about the hero.  I know well enough about the popular heroes in the DC universe but Green Arrow I know very little about.  My lack of knowledge makes it better, its the worst when you know everything from the comics and notice when the producers miss something in the show (Walking Dead comic book readers know what I'm talking about), it's annoying and bothersome and takes the fun out of the show.  It does get corny at times but it's trying to be as realistic as possible without turning into Smallville.  It's still solid, the story is intriguing, has great fighting and Thea, Ollie's sister, is the either the worst or drunk.  And ladies, Ollie is not afraid to take off his shirt, 100% cotton gets in the way of looking chiseled.

Hunted (8 episodes, cancelled)

Show from the UK, that didn't get picked up, is about a female spy in a private international firm that specializes in global intelligence and espionage.  Yeah that sounds like Alias even stars Melissa George who was on Alias.  It didn't get picked up but a word is there's gonna be a spinoff.  And they show boobies in it so that's always a plus.

American Horror Story (21 episodes, still running)

Now AHS isn't like other shows.  It's an anthology, in the same fashion of Tales from the Crypt or Are You Afraid of the Dark but instead of a new story every episode, it happens every season.  In the first season, it centers around the Harmon family who move into a mansion in Los Angeles and guess what?  The house is haunted.  Not like in the Three Stooges where there's revolving bookcases and talking suits of armor, these ghosts don't give a shit.  I'm talking rape, murder and pure terror, all while looking stylistically good.  And that maid, man listen.  The second season continues with the creepiness but set in an asylum, nothing says creepy like padded walls and crazy religious nuns.  Whole new setting, narrative and characters, plus SPOILER Adam Levine who brought you the terrible terrible terrible "Moves Like Jagger" gets a limb ripped off?  Hell yeah, I'm gonna watch.

Don't Trust The B---- In Apt 23 (12 episodes, still running)

 The show is fun and light comedy that airs right after Happy Endings (another show you SHOULD be watching) and makes the humour come off perfectly.  The show follows June who in a week lost her boyfriend, job and most of her sanity.  While she searches for apartments, she finds a vacancy at an apartment but is warned by a neighbour that the tenant is a bitch.  Well Chloe, the bitch, is one but a party hard, scheming, giddy bitch.  James Van Der Beek also stars in it playing a cartoonish version of himself, he really pulls himself very well.  Chloe and June are a great tandem, almost a perfect ying and yang.  June is always amazed and flustered at Chloe's schemes, one such as pretending to be an executive at People Magazine and making him their "Sexiest Man Alive" because of June's obsession of the man who gets selected as the most sexiest man.  Yeah, the show gets wild.  And ladies, Dawson still got it.

Shows I haven't watched but heard good things

Awkward (24 episodes, returns in 2013)

 Produced by MTV, the same folks that brought you the only reality show I stick around for and then wait a few weeks to watch the other reality show I continuously watch, The Real World and The RW: Challenge.  A scripted show (yeah like a group of writers actually sat down and wrote this, didn't just recruit pretty people and put them in a house) about a coming-of-age girl who struggles in high school after getting humiliated in high school and gets involved in a love triangle.  Sharp writing, great cast, I'll tune in.

Suits (22 episodes, returns in 2013)

 All summer, all I heard was how great this show was and how attractive everybody was on it.  Coming from USA Network, where every show has people wearing suits, so it kinda confusing at first.  All I got from the synopsis was lawyers with swag.

The Inbetweeners (UK) (18 episodes, ended)

 It's not like every MTV scripted show was going to be good, especially when they're remakes of an already popular series (remember when they redid Skins?).  Not only was The Inbetweeners one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, for the trailer but it got cancelled because it wasn't brilliant, hilarious and original as the UK version.  People do that shit, same thing happens when a popular book gets turned into the movie.  They feel some gratitude mention that the original is better than the remake, which most time is true but have them make up their own decision on it.  If you're unable to find the series online, there will be a marathon on BiteTV on December 31st.  And don't watch Underemployed, that's currently on MTV, shit is terrible.

Magic City (8 episodes, returns in 2013)

A Mob show based in the 50's?  Sounds pretty legit, also it's produced by Starz so expect boobies.  And ladies, the rugged Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars in it, he's handsome and kinda looks like Javier Bardem.  Whose also handsome and rugged but Spanish which makes him a lot more sexier.

Shows you should stay away from


Great idea but the execution is pretty bad.  The power goes out, everywhere, nobody knows how or what to do but they decide to jump the show 15 years into the future where everyone reverts back to the 18th century.  Wouldn't you like to know how people survived in those first few days?  How the governments fell and this militia rose?  Me too!  Too bad we won't found out because J.J. Abrams and his people decided to make Little House on a Prairie with Gus from Breaking Bad, designer leather coats and a Chicago that needs some lawn work.  There's just too much dumb logic and annoying characters to make you want to watch every week.  Yet I was still watching and was live tweeting and wishing for Charlie to get punch in the face which was a thing for two weeks but stopped.  Charlie's a girl btw and yes she's that annoying.

The Mindy Project

If you're a fan of The Office and Kelly Kapoor, you'd expect Mindy Kaling to bring some of that into her own show.  The kooky, quirkiness of Kelly into a lead role.  Nope, just a romantic comedy
movie shoved into a half and hour show.  The show has it's moments mainly with Mindy and co-star
Chris Messina, everybody else is terrible.  Former MadTV comedian Ike Barinholtz joined the cast but he almost seems lost and doesn't have too many bright spots.  There's no Kevin or Stanley in this supporting cast, not even an Angela.  Well there's her blond best friend, who adds nothing to show, just shows up like a blond, thin version of Gazoo.  Like honestly it's just a bad show with a weak supporting cast and unfunny writing.    There's not enough balance in the writing, the best episode drops the second plot after 10 minutes into it.  I mean, c'mon!


Either you hate watching it or love it.  I hate it because it's fucking garbage.  It has nothing to do with the nepotism of the show or the lack of black people or the fact that the creator/star has a bidding for her memoir at $3.6 million.  She's 26.  I hate it because the show is one of the worst things I've seen in recent years and I've seen Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain, TWICE!  Everybody on that show is annoying, terrible and unwatchable.  You should never make your opinion on a show after the pilot but it's hard to do that when it makes such a splash in the toilet it's hard not to miss.  A quote from the pilot:"I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation", the generation of the white privileged, super average looking, who dress like they came out of a Wes Anderson sweded movie, whose playlists look like artists who didn't make it in Coachella, who have ironic observation tweets favoured, complain about Facebook on Facebook, whose tumblrs are filled with nothing but pictures of trees in black and white.  That generation?  Well I don't want to be apart of it.  Pass.  Hey if you enjoy it, go right ahead and watch season 2 when it returns.

Big Bang Theory

Okay, I get it.  It's very popular, highly rated and it's on CBS home of Two and A Half Men, another very popular, highly rated TV series.  Here's the thing, it's on CBS.  The reason why it gets the high ratings it is getting is because of your grandparents.  They love themselves some CBS.  They like their comedies to come along with a laugh track.  Another reason why it's very popular is because of syndication.  Ratings went up soon as you started seeing in twice a day on OmniTV and TBS (or Peachtree whatever), the same thing happened when How I Met Your Mother hit syndication, the ratings went up that year.  My biggest problem with Big Bang Theory is, it's kinda hard to say so I'd like to compare it with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Here me out.

Fresh Prince was on for six years and had 148 episodes.  Big Bang Theory has been on for six years and 122 episodes.  Fresh Prince became huge when it hit syndication.  BBT became huge when it hit syndication.  Fresh Prince has been nominated three times for awards that matter, twice for Golden Globes and once for an Emmy.  BBT has been nominated numerous for Golden Globes and Emmys, won three times by Jim Parsons.  Will Smith lost out to Jerry Seinfeld and Tim Allen.  Jim Parsons beat out Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell and Larry David.

Bullshit.  Steve Carell who played Michael Scott for seven seasons on The Office, has NEVER won one of the top critics awards for his role.  For a character who is an uppity prick who doesn't understand sarcasm, has a terrible catchphrase when he's joking about something and has a catchphrase in 2012 beat out some of the best comedic actors on television.  It's bad enough Nick Offerman doesn't get nominated for anything but Sheldon constantly gets nominated?  What I'm trying to say in the Fresh Prince comparison is, shows like Fresh Prince and BBT are what I call light comedies.  You can have it on in the background while you're cooking and maybe sit down while you're waiting on it to bake and watch without really having to know what the episode is about.  Those six seasons of Fresh Prince were enough.  The fact that BBT got renewed for three more seasons, having it on for eight seasons is ridiculous.  The show is terrible, even worse.  When the show finally ends, this is it for the actors.  They'll forever be known as the four guys and Kelly "I used to be hot jailbait with the last show John Ritter was on before he died and know I'm approachable cute" Cuaco.  There's no Will Smith on that show, not even a James Avery.  Nothing but Carltons, look at Carlton's career post-Fresh Prince and you'll understand what I'm saying.

There is no reason you should be tuning in every week for this show when you know exactly this show doesn't know where it's going.  How far can a show about nerds and attainable women go?  Longer than six seasons?  I don't think so.

Shows that everyone should watch so people won't think less of you or think you're crazy

Now I know a lot of people don't have time to watch their favourite shows live like I do.  Mainly cause I don't have a DVR, because them thangs ain't cheap plus watching shows live are better in my opinion.  Some of my favourite shows to watch live include Parks and Recreation, a look inside the government office of Pawnee, Indianapolis.  Truly one of the most warm hearted shows you'll find.  Leslie Knope is the sweetest woman and Ron Swanson is the ultimate man's man much better than Chuck Norris, real life and fictional.  Game of Thrones, based on some old books that everyone decides to read once the show became popular cause people love to do that.  Dragons, boobs, medieval beheadings, big war battles and boobs.  Happy Endings, you think it's Friends but unless it's a holiday themed episode, you're not going back to watch Friends again.  Happy Endings is one of the best comedies out there right now, enriched with so many smart jokes every time you go back you're laughing at something you missed.  You'll fall in love with one of the characters by the end of the first season, this is one of the first shows I'd suggest people to start watching.  Mad Men, while in school where I took advertising all the professors told me to do was watch this and it's great.  I'm playing catch up still but it's one of the best shows out there and Don's wife does this, so yeah start watching.  Community, doesn't everybody watch this?  No, what's wrong with you?!  The Walking Dead, it's the best post apocalyptic show on basic cable.  Skip that second season though, too much dumb logic plus the third season has been so good I don't even want to be reminded of it.  Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad are two shows I'll admittedly don't watch.  It's a scheduling thing, Game of Thrones airs at the same time and my attention is fully on GoT.  I also came late to the both shows, by the time I found out both were fantastic series both were full steam ahead into the third and fourth seasons.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't watch it but I know if I didn't mention either series, people would be perturbed.  Rounding of shows I'd expect everyone to watch: New Girl, Boardwalk Empire and Justified.

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