Monday, December 10, 2012

Japanese Wrestlers Singing A Christmas Carol

 Seeing that it is the holiday season and the malls and advertisers have told you this since October with the amount of red, green and white you've seen everywhere you go, finding something japanese that has to do with Christmas was kinda hard to do.  Not only does it have to be entertaining for me but it has to be entertaining for you.  If there's one thing I'll always find entertaining is pro wrestling, especially when the wrestlers are out of character or kayfabe (wrestling slang), it's the best.
In the video below is wrestlers from Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH singing Tatsuro Yamashita's "Christmas Eve" back in 2005.  It features some of the talent who are some legit Japanese legends and a few U.S. mainstream stars.  It's December and there's nothing else you're gonna see but christmas carols, end of the year lists and parades, so expect 12 more of these before the new year. 

image via (WithLeather)

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