Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a Bear Eat Monkey World

In life, you're either a bear or a monkey.  A bear, a predator of the wild known to be dangerous if approached.  A monkey, a joyful creature that's said to be the missing link to humans.  What happens when they're both on bicycles entertaining a small arena?  Are you a monkey, the lovable creature seen in such movies as Ed and Every Which Way But Loose or are you a bear and your primal instincts tell you to hop off the damn bicycle and eat the monkey?  In a video posted by Deadspin, a bear and two monkeys race around a track for a large audience in China.  That's all you really need to know because the bear eats the monkey!  It all comes down to what you're born to do.  Sometimes you have to hop off the bike and do what you have to do to please yourself instead of pleasing others.  Or something.

Now when are you going to eat the monkey?  That sounds dirty but does everyone know the "other" meaning of monkey?  I don't know what some people know and what others don't unless I bring it up.  I'll keep it safe, when are you going to hop off the bike and do what you're born to do?

SN: What's more shocking, a bear eating a monkey or a bear riding a bicycle?  You tell me.  I'll wait.

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