Thursday, May 30, 2013

Most Insecure Girlfriend Song of All Time


Riskay's Smell Yo Dick.  You know when you're girl thinks you're creepin' on the low?  If she asks if she can smell your dick.  Because I think all men know is that there is a distinct smell to one's junk when they've had sex and if your girl swallows (like a good girlfriend should) she's quite aware of the smell too.  She becomes suspicious if you're coming late at night, not answering your phone/not texting back etc.

Instead of doing the logical thing like asking their boyfriend bluntly if they're cheating or following him around in the shadows in different disguises, they ask to smell his dick.  And it makes sense, never said it was smart, but it's clear there's some issues within the relationship that need to be taken care of.  Communication is key for a successful relationship but I don't want to get involved in those relations questions.  Next thing you know talks of $200 dates, sharing passwords and sucking on toes or eating... I'll stop.  Best part is the rap from the boyfriend.

BONUS: Over at Funny or Die, comedy duo Nancy & Beth (Stephanie Hunt and Megan Mullally) perform the song live at the Largo Theatre back in February featuring Mullally's break dancing husband, Nick Offerman taking care of the rapping portion of the boyfriend.  They are honestly the best couple out there today, no objections, no questions about it.

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