Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Problem With Baseball

Whenever somebody cheats, MLB just doesn't know how to be consistent when it comes to punishment.  So inconsistent that they're not even going by their own rules to punish players for PED use.

Barry Bonds cheated and got away with it.  Mainly because his homeboy Greg Anderson didn't say a word when asked about steroids in court.  That's what baseball has been for the past decade in court rooms figuring out who cheated and if past players should be in the hall of fame because of PED usage.  Why does nobody in the MLB have the balls to make a decision on how to punish people when they cheat?

By their policy, if you test positive the first time it's 50 games, 100 games for the second.  A-Rod cheated but didn't really cheat because it took something that wasn't on the listed on the MLB banned substance list.  If the MLB doesn't know what drugs are allowed and what aren't allowed, then how the hell do you know who to punish for what drug? 

He bought something, took a needle to the bum (or arm) and it made him have more energy.  That's performance enhancing.  Now after Ryan Braun got caught lying, actually no, he just admitted to it.  There's no positive test.  Now there's word they want to ban A-Rod for cheating even though he didn't really cheat by baseball's standards.  Baseball has fallen once again.  They literally have nothing on Braun, A-Rod now still hasn't be suspended ever for PED use and now they're going from 65 games for Ryan Braun to a lifetime ban for A-Rod?  That's fucking ridiculous.

This is why I can't enjoy baseball - was never much of a fan in the first place but I digress - no one knows how to lay the hammer down when someone breaks the rules.  "A-Rod never got caught or suspended but we think he's the ring leader to something bigger, we're going hard at him."  Has MLB slowly turned into Daniels, McNulty and crew from The Wire?  The players involved in the Black Sox Scandal in 1919,  all of them got banned.  Pete Rose bet on teams, banned for life.  Find proof and punish them according to the rules.  The steroid debate will never come to an end.  It's the song that never ends.

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