Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Most Disappointing Things So Far This Year

Yeezus - Like I flat out didn't like it.  I can't even like Bound 2 that much because it felt so out of place on that disjointed album.

Blue Jays - Like I was thinking playoffs in their first year with these new players but I was expecting at least a fight.  That 11 game winning streak in June isn't that impressive when you go 8 - 19 after it's broken.

Spring Breakers - Disappointed that I payed for it and disappointed that it didn't even attempt to be a movie.  Wouldn't even consider watching it from start to finish, I'll just search the memorable scenes on YouTube.

Aaron Hernandez - No one saw this coming.  He was suppose to leap frog Gronk and Tony Gonzalez as the best TE in the NFL next season.  Boy did he fuck that up, like everything.  I know there's the whole guilty until proven innocent but there's TOO much evidence that said he did it.  And those friends of his will flip on him in a minute.  Another thing that's disappointing his how the NFL and NCAA are handling it by removing any and everything with his name on it.  How can take down someone's stats on your site NFL.com?  How you gonna remove him from your games EA?  And after complaints from visitors they removed an autograph picture of him in the Pro Football Hall of fame?  Was that before or after they went past the OJ Simpsons Bills and 49ers jerseys?  Lets no go there with whose clean and who isn't in the Hall of Fame.  It's ridiculous how the NFL and NCAA have dealt with this whole thing.  God forbid Hernandez is acquitted and found innocent of all charges.

Rap - Remember when rap used to scare and intimidate people?  Me neither, nowadays they're apologizing for every lyric that isn't positive.  Rape, aggressive sex and autism all have to be sworn off before some group is raising their flags at a genre they don't care for.

Emmys - Really the three men from Modern Family who were Al Bundy get nominated again?  While Nick Miller, Ron Swanson, Jamie Lannister are left off?  C'mon now.

Dom Kennedy - It's almost August and there is still no project yet from Dom.  Why the long wait Dom?!

Mac Miller - Disappointed I no longer dislike him.  Watching Movies was a damn good project, his verse on Ariana Grande's I Like The Way is perfect and his producer persona of Larry Fishman has come out with some of the best production I've heard all year.

People on Facebook - They still have no chill and they're trolling backwards, using their real name.  Watch what happens when I see him on the street, no jock nod, no dap, I'm flat out asking: The fuck is wrong with you?

ABC - They messed around with my Happy Endings and got it cancelled.  Meanwhile, a show about aliens that moved into the neighbourhood is still on the air.  In 2013.

July - Not a damn thing sporting wise worth watching.  No I'm not watching baseball.

Big Brother 15 - So much bigotry from people being watched 24/7.  Like there's no way this many people can say such vile things to each other and let it slide.  You gotta throw hands or at least yell or cause a commotion if someone says such racist things behind your back.  And they're BEING WATCHED 24/7 and some of them are denying they ever said anything racist!  Two of you bitches already got fired from your job!  Oh if they stick around long enough to the point where they do the family interviews, the family and friends will be deflecting the producers questions on how they were raised like Spartans holding their shields up with the arrows rained down.

Kofi Kingston - Still no push, still stuck in the mid card, still has no pectoral muscles.

Florida - Sooo many news links I could attach and ya know, the whole Stand Your Ground thing and Zimmerman thing.

Agents of SHIELD - Sheesh this show is mediocre, not bad but not very good.

Macklemore - The fact that he's a thing is disappointing.  Yeah yeah, Same Love, I cringe every time I hear the piano of Can't Hold Us and it's hard to avoid now since every commercial for a movie has it as the back-in music.  Have you ever seen Macklemore perform live?  I can never hear him, ever.  Not during his SNL performance and not during his MTV Movie Awards performance.  No way I caught the two times he performed and the audio was bad, no way.  Yes, I've heard Wing$.  It was corny then as it is corny now.  Oh and that haircut, Jesus.  I saw Lawless with Tom Hardy and Shia Lebeouf on The Movie Network in maybe June and I swear, a week after that everyone had that Prohibition haircut.  I call it that because Jimmy from Boardwalk Empire had the same cut.  And if someone tries to tell me "This is real hip-hop..." I'mma just leave the room.

MTV's Teen Wolf - This Teen Wolf isn't scoring 40 points and doing 360 dunks from the free throw line?  Nah I don't condone this Teen Wolf show.  They Twilighted him, it's basically a Jacob spinoff.

Myself - Thought I'd be writing for money by now, nope.  Still doing it for free.

White people - Paula Deen, Miley Cyrus, Megyn Kelly the Fox analyst who wanted people to know that Santa was white, Rob Ford, Eminem, Dan Snyder, Bauuer for making New Yorkers mad because of the Harlem shake, the people at A&E who back paddled and reinstated the Duck Dynasty family member Phil Robertson back on the show (I assume there's not one person of color in those A&E offices).

The discovery and embarrassment of Twerking - Christ almighty, that fact I can't search "twerk" on Twtter without seeing bare struggle cakes tryna move because of Lil Bitch Cyrus.  The fact that this video exists and this makes me nauseous.  Have to clear my browser in case the NSA is watching.

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