Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thoughts on Instagram Video

When I first heard the news that Instagram will have video, my first thought was: this is a bad idea.  Instagram is already a formidable and favourable app that does what it needs to do, take pretty pictures and has a selection of filters to make it more pretty.  The anti-Instagram users already think it's a hipster device and think the current users aren't that equipped in photography to make a regular photo have a vintage feel.  It's not that the video function is bad (I don't have Instagram but I creep) it's the thought of who will use it, is what makes it a bad idea. 

Those folks that take pictures of themselves constantly (selfies), the ones that take pictures of food, the ones that take pictures of scenery, the ones that take pictures of newly bought clothes/jewelry/shoes etc. They are the ones that are going to be using this.  According to Mashable, Instagram video will have a time limited to 15 seconds, support 13 custom filters just for video, users can edit and remove frames of the footage and choose a cover photo for their videos.  Everyone thinks this will kill Vine in a matter of days with the amount of people that jumped ship but I still think Vine will win.

Vine is better than Instagram video because there's people know how to use Vine in a quick and amazing fashion that works in this day of people with ADD.  And these are everyday people using it, which is the best part.  Vine really started to pick up steam in the first week of June and you could find some of the best ones ranging from funny to hilarious to voice-overs to twerking (a lot of twerking).  Now not all of them are perfect (especially twerking) but they have the idea and want to be apart of the phone.  The creativity is immense and you gotta have great timing to use Vine.  You have 6 seconds to entertain, that's a real small window but an easy one: a set-up and punchline or a bait and switch joke.  Add 9 seconds to that, do you think people who use Instagram and don't understand Vine can use this?  The same people who have in their first row of pictures, three selfies and two pictures of food?  I don't think they'll be jumping ship that quick.

In my personal opinion - that's why it's my blog and my thoughts - Vine has a better surviving power than Instagram Video.  Vine can team up with a long list of sponsors and studios that can use it.  Teaming with movie studios for anticipated new movies teasers, video game companies to reveal new games or characters to popular games ie. Super Smah Bros for Wii U, there's party events, Broadway shows, restaurants for new dishes, the list goes on.  Anything that delivers a quick and easy message that the audience can understand.  15 seconds too long for everyday people to use and too short for a promo for Batman: The Animated Series.  Unless someone goes the short short film route using the filters to make noir films, old westerns and foreign films, then maybe there some lasting power.  But they'll be going that vintage route that everyone is tired of right?  Or am I wrong?

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