Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anderson Silva Dreams He's On Brazil's National Team

The other night while watching the Anderson Silva documentary Anderson Silva: Like Water that followed him on his journey to his UFC 117 fight against the talking trash bag Chael Sonnen, I thought back to the first time I saw him fight and it was seven years ago on Ultimate Fight Night 5 against middleweight tough guy Chris Leben.

The UFC was still "new" at that time and Leben came out of the very first Ultimate Fighter and he was a tough S.O.B. who wasn't afraid to get hit in the face.  The only fighters I knew of came from UF, so when I see this skinny Brazilian enter the cage I didn't have much thought that this guy would become one of the most dominant fighters in fighting history.  His strikes were clean, he evaded everything Leben threw at him and all it took was a knee to his grill and it was a wrap.

Silva most recently appeared in a Vivo commercial for everyone that dreams of being on the Brazilian National Soccer Team.  Silva dreams he's apart of the team but with more rear naked chokes, jump kicks and referee intimidation.  But even though that would make soccer a lot more interesting, he ends up ruining the game and making everyone want to kill him.  Leading him to sell shrimp on the beach for a living.  It'll make much more sense once you watch the commercial.

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