Friday, August 9, 2013

Top 5 Worst Commissioners In Sports

5. David Stern

I honestly don't think Stern is that bad of a commissioner but he has done some absurd things dating all the way back to the infamous 1985 NBA Draft Lottery.  He's tamed down over the years but he has done some thing that have raised a few eyebrows.  Like fining the Spurs $250,000 because they sat too many players for a televised Thursday game on TNT.  Then there's the instances of referees calling non-fouls during playoff games but there's no proof that he made the call to get in refs ears.  Oh and axing the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade was pretty bad too.

4. Roger Goodell

Now I put Goodell near the bottom mainly because he's hasn't been in power as long as the others.  But he's still messed up, mainly with New Orleans.  When word got out that the New Orleans Saints held bounties against certain players in the 2009-11 seasons, shit got real.  Suspensions were handed out.  Head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the season, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, interim coach Joe Vitt (six games), GM Mickey Loomis (eight games) and players Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, and Will Smith all got four games, Anthony Hargrove got eight games.  They all appealed and guess what?  The players won, Goodell pushed too hard to get the players and the panel was like "Hold on wait a minute, you didn't really prove anything written.  It's all hear say."

That was in 2011, fast forward two years, Goodell wants no one to have fun in the NFL.  The new rules under Unsportsmanlike Conduct are pretty ridiculous.  Players literally can't do anything if they score a touchdown, get a sack or make any type of play that involves a momentary celebration.  No home run swing, sorry Lesean McCoy, no spiking the ball, sorry Gronk.  No sack dances, sorry jiggly Seahawks lineman.  These rules are turrible Kenny, just turrible.  He's also mandating that every player must wear knee and leg pads.

3. Gary Bettman

Three lockouts since he's been in office.  The forever long moving sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, will they or won't they move, if so will they go to Quebec or Southern Ontario or Seattle.  Plus he's short and has to compensate with his incompetence with stupid decisions like trying to expand teams to places that don't have ice like Florida, Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Phoenix.

2. Sepp Blatter

Now soccer (or futbol) isn't my sport of choice but some of the things Sepp has done have caught my intrigue and can not be looked over when coming up with this list.  I already think FIFA is corrupt and Qatar hosting the World Cup for 2022 just smells of wrongdoing.  Here's the thing about Qatar, it's pretty fucking hot there, so hot they've gone from talks about having it indoors implementing cooling technology for the players and the crowd to moving the World Cup to the WINTER.  Moving the World Cup to the Winter because soccer players running around in 50°C weather sounds just as ludicrous as you think it is.

Roger Goodell may want to protect players with these new rules but players are afraid to tackle each other without getting penalized for it.  Gary Bettmen can't go a full season of hockey without having to shut things down.  But moving a global tournament because the country stuffing your pockets is a tad bit hot during the months you're suppose to play there?  Nah b.  You can't do that.  You bought your king size bed with Qatar's riyals now you sleep in said bed as you have the two fans rotating on you as you sleep on a nice 38°C night in Qatar.  Oh and here's a list of other stupid ideas Sepp came up with that I can't make sound any better.

1. Bud Selig

Pretending that you have your eye on players and performance-enhancing drugs when really you're just waiting on sketching guys in Miami that look like this to roll over on players?  Yeah, that's the worst.  One of my early instances of Selig's awfulness is the 2002 All-Star game when he called the game a tie in the home town of the team he once owned in Milwaukee.  He tried to make up with it by making the winning league of the All-Star game have home-field advantage instead of you know, the team having the better win-loss record.

Then there's Pete Rose.  Rose never bet against his own team and his ban has been going on for almost 25 years now.  I'm doubtful most players today would disagree that Pete Rose is the best hitter baseball has ever seen, yet him and his numbers aren't in Cooperstown.  Yes, he gambled but gambling isn't exactly illegal across North America and it scared anyone from betting within their baseball club.  Now if you banned him to show the rest of the league a lesson, lesson's been learned.  Now un-ban Pete Rose.

The real tipping point that made Bud atop of my list, is this A-Rod and lifetime ban talk recently.  Lifetime ban?  For no positive test to show for it and under another rule about damaging the sport?  Come on Bud.  You know you messed up.  This witch hunt for A-Rod has made me like A-Rod, that's the real worst.  When someone uses drugs we try and find treatment for them, not punishment.  Bud is just trying to push and shove all these players away with force instead of lending a hand and asking why they're doing what they're doing.  Bud turned a blind eye to drugs during the steroid era mainly because baseball was making money again.  And it's about money again, if he gets A-Rod banned there's a whole lot of money going back to the Yankees.  That's a good look for Bud because he's doing what's best for the owners.

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