Thursday, August 22, 2013

Storytime: My Beef With Trendhunter

You can easily find someone for their work with Google, all you need is their name and the title.  You can find some of my work by typing my name, Jordan Miller and Trendhunter.

Let's all click on this link together shall we on a particular thing that I wrote last year:

First off that title: Incarceration-Inspired Toys.  Read it, now read it again, now think for a second.  What are you in for with that title, Incarceration-Inspired Toys?  Toys based on jail.  Little shivs, plastic jail cells, plastic jail yards, etc.  Now look at the picture.  Even if you've never seen an episode, you probably recognize Omar Little.  Trenchcoat, bulletproof vest, durag, that's Omar from The Wire.  They're windup toys inspired by characters from The Wire.

Now read the title again and look at the image.  The Wire was about anything but jail, it was about how politics is just as dirty as the dope game and the cops in the show used a wire to tap into the big name players in the dope game.  And eventually they'll be caught and put into jail.

The Wire has snowballed into this cult classic television series that is almost the common denominator of what good television is.  Breaking Bad is that denominator today but a few years after The Wire ended it was that show you need to watch.

Now the copy, first paragraph:

Is there anything better for the kids than some wind-up toys based on The Wire? Artist and sculptor Mister Frothee makes toys as gifts, including bobbleheads, puppets and wind-up toys. He recently completed a collection of miniature wind-up toys at 2.5-inches tall in the style of the characters from The Wire.
Nothing really wrong there, I could've gone a bit more sarcastic describing The Wire but it was a year ago and I had a character limit.  Mister Frothee also did toys of characters from Deadwood and Mad Men.  Let's continue.

Many critics have called the show the best piece of fiction of the century, making it an obvious source of inspiration for modern art and apparently, modern toys. Unfortunately, these wind-up toys based on The Wire aren't for sale; however, a quick browse at the mere images of them are sure to inspire you to pick up your remote and get more familiar with the antics of the cast of The Wire.
Shut the front door.  Read that first line and tell me you didn't raise an eyebrow to it.  The best piece of fiction of the century?  You can't be serious.  Did this editor go through another editor before this was published?  I know for damn sure I didn't write anything about the century in the original.

How things were done over at Trendhunter is you find something interesting (a third of the things posted are fashion related) write about it without copying anything all under 200 word count and source where you got it from.  Now I don't remember verbatim but I'm pretty sure I mentioned that it's critically acclaimed and one of the best shows in the past 10 years.  Saying it's the best piece of fiction of the century is a such a foolish thing to write and to later publish it on the site is egregious.

I didn't even reply back on it, I just stopped writing and submitting things for them.  It's an internship, why the hell am I home alone doing it and not at your office?  Not even an internship it was almost like a tryout, I went there once.  Their office was in the same building where I got hijacked to Brampton.

Ever since then, I also give a side eye whenever they are mention.  I guess you can say, it made me feel some type of way.  Oh and I don't wanna start throwing cards but calling toys jail inspired when three of the five toys are black with one looks a bit Hispanic?  Yeah ummm, I'm not saying nothing but none of the source links mention jail.  Again, I'm not saying nothing but that's my gripe with Trendhunter.

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