Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rant: Miley Cyrus

In the past 36 hours, all that's been trending, been spoken about on late night, been written about is Miley Cyrus.  I've read the articles, I've seen the memes and seen people lose their shit about it.  So I guess I'll put my two cents in.  

No, what Miley Cyrus did Sunday night at the VMAs wasn't racist.  It tipped toed that line but it was actually foolish, frantic and embarrassing.  Thinking it was racist is implying only black people should do be twerking and that's raycess!

Twerking isn't negative, it's just dancing.  When done correctly, it's a marvelous thing (S/O to Mizz Twerksum and her team).  The term twerking has involved from booty shaking to pop, locking and dropping to romp shaking.  It's the same as calling salsa dancing or merengue offensive.

"What's this lambada those Spanish people are always talking about?  And why is it forbidden?  It's time for an investigation."

Young Cyrus' discovery of twerking and bring it to the limelight, so much light that it's now entering the Oxford dictionary, is kinda like a Christopher Columbus discovering America dynamic.  There were already people there comfy and cozy with the land and what it had to give.  Then white people showed up.

"Bro, you see this?  What is that and that?  AND THAT?  Is there more?  I want to learn about this and other things so I can tell my friends and show it to them."

It's Elvis and Pat Boone.  Stealing black culture and showcasing it to white America who prior to had a lack of access to it.  Then white America shuns it, gets confused by it and gest disgusted by it, wondering whats wrong with the youth today.  The same people said the same thing about rock n roll except in a different age with less form fitting jeans.  It's rebellious, it's controversial.  It's cool.

I had no problem with Miley's obsession with twerking, at first.  Then the pics of her on Instagram with rappers and grabbing stripper booty popped up then she staring saying things like "she's bout that life" and even naming her next album "Bangerz" (with a Z), it got tiring.  Then she got on stage, and acted immature and slighty selfish because it was her time to shine and show off the new Miley.  But this former Disney princess came off more as a pauper, a poor representation of the black culture she's taken apart of.  The real sad part is, she's actually talented.  Her singing ability will take a backseat to her tongue wanging and her flap jacks gyrating.

I'm not mad at what she did on Sunday, I was more creeped out.  It was over-the-top, not very entertaining and kinda offensive (to those who didn't understand).  If anything I just want her to pay homage to the culture she's currently offending.  Plus I'm also trying to school white people (and others) who are new to this whole thing.  When you wanna be apart of black culture, it's a thin line between appreciative and appropriating.  And she crossed it.  Do better, little bitch.*

People have taken my cake in the past, eaten it, pissed on it and spit it out when they were done with it.  In soon enough time, people will move on from this current trend and discover something else and try and eat that cake too.  If another Miley or Macklemore** shows up and get the same attention or do the same numbers as they do, then I won't have much cake left.  And at this point, in these situations, I don't want the cake back because sometimes you leave it with a bad taste in my mouth.

*- If you watch Awkward, I mean to say lil' bitch the same way Jenna's aunt says it.  I was just unable to find a gif or video of it.

**- Totally get the message of Same Love but that doesn't regard the fact that the song sucks.

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