Monday, September 2, 2013

The Reality for Men: Where's The Shows For Us?

In my daily quest for employment and enjoyment, I've seen recent ads for a CTV show airing today on Labour Day.  To put it shortly, it's The View for Canada.  Yes, ANOTHER show where women talk about pop culture, health and general stories.

Now if you thinking I'm leaning this piece toward what I wrote about the up-and-coming Girl Meets World then you're right.  Because there's no show where men just sit down and shoot the shit.  Why can't men have this?  The only show catered to millennial men, which unfortunately doesn't air in Canada yet the female version does, is Guy Code.  It's not that hard to cater to men: beer, sports, punching things, shooting things, cops and sex.  But is that all that draws us in?

You're telling me men can't have a show in a Mallrats setting in Brodie's room?  Where he's comfortable in his underwear surrounded by video games, comic books and pictures of hot women so men can feel safe watching.  God forbid anything in the room is pink because there's still men out there that think pink = gay.

SpikeTV, the network for Men as their slogan once was, only airs shows for mainly places that need to be rescued.  In quick synopsis describing each show, this is Spike's line up: Tattoos, bars, cops, MMA, bad wrestling, bad tattoos, how to die, kicking out weird human beings from their homes and asking dumb people questions to get their cars back.

He legit has the weirdest hairstyle on Earth

E! Network where a majority of the audience is females and homosexuals, their shows seem to work gracefully.  Women hate and love the Kardashians, that explains their 19 spin-off shows.  They have about four shows about fashion, a profile show on a female celebrity, a handful of celebrity reality shows and Just Shoot Me, a sitcom about the fashion industry.  That's an easy breezy TV schedule.

Shows where it's a comedian or Rob Dyrdek laughing at clips on YouTube will not be watched by me.  That's just lazy television.  I know about the rebranding of G4TV and it is now going to be named Esquire Channel but that's yet to be launched.  Will they have a less douchey version then the lineup of hosts for The Other Half?  I kinda hoping so (really, Danny Bonaduce?  Even when I was 12 I knew something was right about that guy and I love me some A.C. Slater but Mario Lopez wasn't polished yet to be a host along side the hosting gawd himself Dick Clark).  Please no mas Comedy Central, they've been trying to get back the Dave Chappelle magic with so many comedians.  It's time to call it a wrap and move on.


There's need to be shows that can teach men to be better.  Men are in a weird state right now, we can't joke about feminism, not all of us are up-to-date on music, we all don't know what to do in relationship, we can't cook for ourselves, we don't know what's good for our health, some of can't dress, in fact a lot of us can't dress.  What's a better way to teach us to be better at being men then a properly information filled television program?   I know it's a rival magazine but in GQ they have a section titled "How To Do Everything Better".  Now there's an idea, they feature such things as how to catch a mouse, how to beat anyone in a game of Horse and other simple yet challenging things that can carry an entire episode of Modern Family.

Right now women have The Talk, The View, Kathie Lee Grifford and Hoda Kotb have an hour to themselves after the Today Show, Aliya Jasmine from MTV got her own show, Play With AJ and this up-and-coming The Social is another hour of women's view on what's going on in the world.  Where's our show?  I'm sure we have an opinion on topics that hasn't already been covered on ESPN.  We can all teach each other how to be better.  We don't need men like Elvin from The Cosby Show out in this world.  Say what you want on Twitter but soon enough they'll be caught out in these streets saying something foolish to be eaten up and chewed out by women like Claire.

Give Cabral Richards an hour, we love Cabbie!  If you've ever heard his podcast, Cabbie is a great storyteller who talks about more things than just sports.  That How To Do Everything Better pitch idea is still up in the air.  I don't want much but an hour of four bros around a table talking about anything in the news that isn't sports.

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